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      English A1

      Our goal is to create an area where material is available to anyone who is interested in learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Complete the form to access all activities in this course. Current participants in our programs will earn points toward their courses by engaging with these and other online materials.  

      The Alphabet

      Learn consonants, vowels and pronunciation


      Ordinal numbers, cardinal numbers

      The Verb "to be"

      conjugate the verb "to be"

      Subject Pronouns

      learn the English subject pronouns

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      The Simple Present

      conjugate verbs in the simple present


      use basic adjectives to describe nouns

      The Definite Article

      use the definite article "the"

      The Indefinite Article

      how to use the indefinite article "a/an"

      Plural Formation

      form the plurals of nouns

      The Present Continuous

      how to form the present continuous


      how to form negative sentences

      Word Order

      how to use correct word order in statements and questions

      Question Words

      use question words and word order in questions

      Basic Modal Verbs

      use basic modal verbs: want, can should, could, may

      Demonstrative Pronouns

      use demonstrative pronouns (this, that, these, those)

      Possessive Pronouns and Adjectives

      use possessive pronouns and adjectives

      Simple Future

      using will and going to

      Uncountable Nouns

      understanding countable and uncountable nouns

      The Simple Past Tense

      regular and irregular verbs in the simple past

      Comparative and Superlative

      using more and most with comparisons

      Gerunds and Infinitives

      differences between gerunds and infinitives

      Adverbs of Frequency

      adverbs that refer to how often something happens


      prepositions dealing with time and place

      "There is" and "There are"

      using these two very common constructions

      The Imperative

      giving commands and directions

      Word Order

      word order using verbs and question words

      Present Simple & Present Progressive

      review and compare present simple & progressive

      Modal Verbs "can" and "should"

      focus on the modal verbs "can" and "should"


      a class of words that add emphasis to an expression

      Telling Time

      how to say or write the time

      "used to" and "be used to"

      understand how to use these common phrases

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