Language is central to how we communicate. Be the best at it.

Our clients select us because they are looking for the most effective delivery and outcomes in the language service industry. Our secret is to keep the focus on results. CORE Languages uses technology to transform language solutions for your business. We incorporate our technology into our Language and Culture courses to offer an enhanced learning journey that engages participants and enriches the class room experience without making the experience feel like just another app.

Our built in EdTech, combined with our world-class instructors and trainers empowers our corporate clients through exceptional language training and  intercultural training programs. Being a one-stop shop for additional services like interpreting, document translation and destination services makes working with CORE more appealing. Our offerings are strategically designed to position your company and workforce for global readiness, supporting successful international assignments and cross-cultural communication in a variety of business settings. Communicate with our team of customer service specialists and access all your data and content through our award winning platform, CORE CONNECT.

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Businesses gain a unique advantage through our CORE CONNECT platform to manage a full suite of language services.

  • Language Training
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Partner with an EdTech Industry Leader

When you partner with CORE Languages, you choose an EdTech industry leader.  CORE Languages has successfully delivered thousands of courses delivered in person or virtually all of which are enhanced by our blended learning  solutions which engage participants and encourage learning inside and outside of the classroom. 

Our Reviews tell the Story

Our clients love us because of our commitment to their success.  The convenience of the CORE CONNECT™ platform with the quality of our instructors is the foundation to our success.

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