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Our Commitment

Since our founding in 2007, CORE Languages has been committed to providing superior language and intercultural training that supports businesses in their development of a global ready workforce. Our difference comes from our backgrounds. Every member of the CORE Languages staff has instruction or expatriation experience. When we come to work each day, we bring our individual passions for learning about other languages and cultures, and our combined knowledge of what works, what doesn’t, and what’s new in our field.

We also recognize that learning is an intrinsically personal experience that isn’t one size fits all. We are proud to be a company that now operates globally. We are equally proud that we have maintained our commitment to individualized service and communication with corporate clients and community students — as well as an abiding compassion for the challenges of expatriation, relocation, and the language learning journey.

This shines through every day in the curricular customization and personalized student-instructor matching that sets us apart, whether we are…

  • Creating a language training program that is scalable and consistent for a client seeking training for associates at multiple international branches;
  • Designing a course focused on cultural sensitivity and business etiquette in corporate meetings for a client whose Chinese associates are preparing to participate in their first board meeting in the United States; or
  • Listening to the concerns of accompanying family members and finding the best possible instructor match for their needs — we’ve paired a pregnant partner with an English teacher who was also experiencing pregnancy, and matched children with instructors who specialize in teaching through play.
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Data Driven

We are proud to work with companies who are industry leaders and who recognize the value of providing relevant, thorough language and intercultural training benefits for relocating associates and accompanying family members. We hire instructors who are experienced, dedicated professionals who care deeply about their students and their learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom. We focus on engaging and enriching our students because we know that their success in language and intercultural training improves business outcomes for our clients — and helping our clients maximize their potential in the global arena is at the heart of our mission.

Being data-driven and embracing technology enables CORE Languages to achieve these parallel goals. With more than a decade of experience building and managing corporate language and intercultural training programs, we’ve also seen what works and what doesn’t, and we’re constantly improving to make our training models leaner and more effective.

We know that class attendance is the top — and often the only — metric that most companies look at to evaluate student success. But attendance is a one-dimensional figure that often fails to fully represent the effort and progress of many of our students, who may be high-level employees with demanding schedules. Like our competitors, we monitor attendance at every class session, but we use that information as a starting point, rather than a final assessment. In fact, that’s exactly where our student success platform comes in, allowing us to send targeted messages to students whose attendance data indicates they might need additional support.

Here’s how it works. To better support our students, CORE instructors have developed web-based, interactive content from their language training curricula that students can access outside of class time. If a student is marked in our system as not attending a class that focused on the present perfect tense, the student success platform sends that student an automated message with a link to a corresponding lesson, which can be completed on the student’s own time. The platform also allows us to securely and non-invasively track student engagement with the supplemental course material on our website, so we know if, and how often, students are studying or practicing outside of class. These data points show clients how and when their employees are using their language training benefits, and gives our teachers the ability to make sure students are staying engaged throughout their course.

A Note from the Founder

“Years before founding CORE Languages, I was a German student. My passion for the language and culture was inspired by the fantastic teachers I who taught me throughout years of study. It was always clear to me that they were there not just to teach, but to have their students walk away enriched, with their lives made better and fuller by what they learned.  Their passion inspired me to become a teacher.

When I started teaching, I sought to bring that same energy, dedication, and sense of purpose into my own classrooms. I founded CORE Languages to expand that vision, seeing the growing need for language training options designed to meet the unique needs of business environments.  My goal was and still is to create engagement and energy in the classroom to foster learning, to build a nurturing environment of respect and continued development of our current and future teachers and to constantly improve our services through smart data.

For over a decade, CORE has helped businesses achieve their strategic international goals by empowering employees to learn and find joy in communicating in a new language and cultural context.  With our online instructor-led courses, we now bring this to community members across the globe.

It’s a privilege to do what we do and share what we love with you. Together, let’s make “global ready” a reality for your workforce.”

-Stephen Sovenyhazy

President and CEO

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