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      English B1

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      Should Have

      the modal verb "should" in the past tense form

      Might Have

      the past tense forms of the modal verb "might"

      Modals of Deduction

      modal verbs of deduction "can't" and "must"

      Paired Conjunctions

      pairs of words that form single conjunctions

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      Conjunctions of Cause and Effect

      conjunctions suggest a cause-and-effect relationship

      Conjunctions of Contrast

      conjunctions which express contrast between clauses

      Review of Conditionals

      revisits zero and first conditionals

      Second Conditionals

      introduces 2nd conditionals and their function

      More Conditionals

      conditionals beyond zero, first and second...

      Adjective Clauses

      adjective clauses, their form, and function

      Reported Speech

      reported speech and how and when it is used

      Passive Verbs

      passive verbs that are non-progressive in tense

      Modal Verbs and Semi-Modals

      introduces semi-modal auxiliary verbs

      Be able to & be allowed to

      semi-modals "be able to" and "be allowed to"

      Need to, don't need to, don't have to

       semi-modals use and differences

      Ought to, had better, have got to

      semi-modal verbs uses and differences

      Linking Verbs

      verbs that connect a subject to a predicate

      Reporting Speech with the Passive Voice

      how speech is reported using the passive is explored

      Future Tense using "be about to"

      talking about something in the near future

      Negative Questions

      word order, form, and when to use

      Echo Questions

      rephrase part of something someone else said

      Reporting Speech using "that"

      reporting what people say using "that"

      Reporting Thoughts

      how to report thoughts is explored in detail

      Present Subjunctive

      handles hypothetical or potential actions or situations

      Noun Phrases and Compound Nouns

      this unit looks at noun phrases


      modify nouns and set the reference for that noun

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