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      English A2

      Our goal is to create an area where material is available to anyone who is interested in learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Complete the form to access all activities in this course. Current participants in our programs will earn points toward their courses by engaging with these and other online materials.  

      The Past Progressive

      shows a past activity interrupted by another action

      Review of Gerunds and Infinitives

      gerunds and infinitives review

      Review of Comparative and Superlative

      review of the comparative and superlative

      Review of Word Order

      review of word order in sentences

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      Possessives with 's

      using an apostrophe + "s"

      Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns

      pronouns include myself, yourself, himself, herself

      Prepositions of Place

      above, below, under, on top of, next to, etc

      Prepositions of Time

      using "at 5 o'clock," "on Saturday," and "in one week"

      Adverbs vs. Prepositions

      adverbs and prepositions and their differences

      Review of Countable and Uncountable Nouns

      review of countable and uncountable

      Zero Conditionals

      used to present general truths or scientific facts

      Review of Tenses

      review of English verb tenses

      Review of Modal Verbs

      review of modal verbs in basic tenses

      Present Perfect Tense

      consists of a helping verb and a past participle

      Passive Voice

      compares active and passive sentences

      Review of Zero Conditionals

      review of zero conditionals

      First Conditionals

      statements about future that are likely to happen


      dependent, independent, and relative clauses

      Past Tense of Modal Verbs

      overview of modal verbs in the past tenses

      Question Tags-Part 1

      question fragments added to check for confirmation

      Adverbial Phrases

      modify a verb, adjective or adverb

      Prepositional Phrases

      include a preposition and an object

      Coordinating Conjunctions

      conjunctions: and, but, for, nor, or, so, and yet

      What, Which, What kind of

      interrogatives "what," "which," and "what kind of"

      Articles with Countable Nouns

      use of articles with countable nouns

      Articles with Uncountable Nouns

      covers articles with uncountable nouns

      Phrasal Verbs

      verbs that combine with certain prepositions

      Idioms and Idiomatic Phrases

      common idioms and idiomatic phrases

      Passive Voice - Part 2

      introduces complex components of the passive voice

      Subordinating Conjunctions

      subordinating conjunctions: after, although, because 

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