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      English B2

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      Quantifiers - some, any, no, none, not any

      include some, any, no, none (of), not any

      Quantifiers 2 - much, many, a lot of, lots of

      include much (of), many (of), a lot of, and lots of

      Quantifiers 3 - all, whole, each, every

      include all (of), whole, each, and every

      Quantifiers 4 - few, fewer, little, less

      include few, fewer, little, and less

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      Relative Pronouns and Relative Clauses

      add additional information about a noun

      Prepositions in Relative Clauses

      inclusion of prepositions in relative clauses

      Participle Clauses with Adverbial Meanings

      dependent clauses can act like an adverb

      Relative Words

      relative words "whose," "when" and "whereby"

      Reflexive Pronouns

      Reflexive pronouns refer back to a subject

      Using "one" and "ones"

      use of "one" and "ones" in English

      Substitutions for Clauses

      explores two alternative substitutions for clauses

      Using "so" and "such"

      phrases similar in function but different construction

      Leaving out "to-infinitives"

      examines the use of "to-infinitives"

      Gradable vs. Non-Gradable Adjectives

      compares gradable to non-gradable adjectives

      Participle Adjectives & Compound Adjectives

      participle and compound adjectives are discussed

      Adjectives vs. Adverbs in Comparative and Superlative

      comparative and superlative forms

      Comparative Phrases and Clauses

      comparative phrases and comparative clauses

      Adverbs of Direction & Indefinite Frequency

      adverbs of direction and of indefinite frequency

      Adverbs of Focus and Degree

      adverbs of focus and adverbs of degree explained

      Comment and Viewpoint Adverbs

      adverbs that accompany a comment or viewpoint

      Adverbial Phrases of Time

      adverbial phrases of time, how & when they are used

      Prepositions after Nouns and Verbs

      the placement of prepositions are reviewed

      Word Order in 2- & 3-Word Verbs

      multiple-word verbs are discussed 


      clauses that begin with "it" as a placeholder


      what-clauses are a type of noun clause


      when the normal word order is "inverted" or changed

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