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Training is offered with a live instructor virtually Online or at your place of work In Person.

Build the course that fits your business needs: Private Course (one-on-one), Duo Course, Group Course (3 to 15 participants)

  • Metrics- Get the best metrics to monitor student success
  • Feedback- Feedback survey provided with full transparency to see how we are preforming
  • Professional- Dedicated Instructors assigned for the full course.

Private Language Courses 

  • Private language training is recommended for advanced level students who are capable of working at a more demanding pace or who want to move according to a highly personalized schedule or curriculum

Duo Language Courses

  • Duo courses provide a cost effective option for pairs of students.

Group Language Courses

  • Group language training is suggested for introductory or early stage language students and offers our best rates.
  • Courses run for up to 40 hours in duration providing adequate time to interact with learning material

Features of the intensive language training program:

  • Daily interactive morning language training led by CORE certified language teachers
  • Lunch session with opportunity for informal conversation practice in the target language
  • Excursion activity into the community

Benefits of the intensive language training program:

  • Participants become locally connected within their communities by visiting shopping centers, restaurants, and parks; and through excursions to theatrical or sporting events
  • Participants have the opportunity to apply course knowledge directly in real-world settings, strengthening their understanding of essential situational vocabulary
  • Participants become familiar with a new area more quickly through interaction with locals and the assistance of compassionate instructors
  • Participants gain confidence speaking and conducting their daily routines in the target language

English language training is one of the most requested services that we provide.  Students are paired with one of our specialized English instructors who has professionally taught English and undergone TESOL, TEFL, or an appropriately matched certification. English language training programs can be EFL or ESL focused:

  • EFL — English as a Foreign Language: EFL programs are designed for non-native English speakers who have already learned more than one foreign language prior to their English language course
  • ESL — English as a Second Language: ESL programs, alternatively, are designed for non-native English speakers looking to learn English as their second language

Why miss out on hiring the best workers simply because you don’t speak the same language? Help them, and help yourself, by meeting colleagues half-way by learning Spanish words and phrases that are unique to the construction industry.


Take advantage of our courses to start learning Spanish or improve on the Spanish you already know. Decide on whether your team needs to learn basic phrases only or become fluent in Spanish, a full course of study is available that includes the grammar and extensive lessons you need.  If you want to get a construction job done, our Spanish course for construction workers will be your best tool.


Learn specific terms and vocabulary, sharpen your communication skills with your floor team and increase speed to results as your leadership learns improves on a second or third language.

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Our goal is to make your decision process as simple as possible when it comes to starting a course for an individual employee or a training program for your entire company. Plus, our business options offer additional language options, such as Dutch, Hungarian, Mandarin and much more. In fact, we offer up to 60+ languages to our corporate clients. Schedule the time you need to get your initial questions answered.

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