April 2024 CORE Languages Community Hub Updates

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It’s the CORE Languages Development Team here, bringing you the latest updates and improvements to enhance the CORE Languages Community Hub platform experience.

We’ve got a fantastic set of new features to end the first quarter of the year. We’re excited to introduce several exciting features and enhancements across the Community Hub. Let’s dive in!

What’s New: Community Hub Update

🔕 Turn Off Notifications – Personalizing User Experience

Screenshot 2024 04 17 125143

You now have the option to turn off notifications for posts you are no longer interested in. This feature gives you greater control over your notification preferences, ensuring a more personalized and tailored experience. Learn more about Turn Off Notifications

💬 Close Comments – Enhancing Moderation Capabilities

Screenshot 2024 04 17 131507

Admins and group moderators can now close comments on specific posts as needed. This feature offers better moderation options, allowing admins and moderators to control the level of engagement on individual posts. Learn more about Close Comments

📜 News Feed New Look – Improving The Interface

Community Hub News Feed

We have revamped the News Feed page for post comments for a seamless experience. Collapsed comments and replies view offer a clutter-free interface with the option to expand interactions as desired. See the changes to the Activity Feed UI

⚡️ Better Performance – Fine-tuning Efficiency

On April 17th 2024, CORE Languages Community Hub will update servers to improve load times. This will give the Community Hub a performance boost and make it feel much peppier! This server update also paves the path for faster speed updates in the future as our platform and membership grows.

🔜 New App Integration In the Works!

And we have something big releasing soon, can you guess it? Yes, it’s the CORE Languages Community Hub App! Stay tuned for the announcement  and we will keep you updated on this upcoming release!

The updates released today are just a glimpse of the continuous improvements we’re making.

So far this year we’ve already released

🆕 9 new features,

⚙️55 enhancements and

🐛 Squashed 160 bugs.

Community Hub Wiki

With the end of Q1 2024 behind us, we now have an exciting roadmap for Q2 and look forward to seeing your feedback and continuous support. As always, if you have questions or ideas for future improvements, please share in the Community Hub: Wiki Group.

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