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We asked our clients for feedback this year and the recognition was humbling. It is our clients’ struggles and success that motivate us to continuously improving our programs. Thank you for such a fantastic year of 2023. Let’s hear what they had to say…

If you’ve ever yearned to master another language online, you’ve likely heard the critics: “Online can never replace face-to-face lessons.” “The experience just isn’t the same.” However, CORE Languages challenges this assumption, having shattered these myths and leading the pack in 2023 as a premier online foreign language school.

Gold medallion for the winner or champion
Gold medallion for the winner or champion

Why CORE Languages is Recognized:

The Prestige of the Recognition:

It’s a monumental task for any institution to rise above its competitors, especially in the e-learning realm. Yet, “CORE Languages didn’t merely rise; it soared”. Garnering accolades is one thing, but receiving the recognition as the best isn’t an everyday affair. What’s their secret? A combination of quality, consistency, and unwavering commitment to linguistic excellence.

Diversity in Language Offerings:

The power of CORE Languages lies in its vast offerings. From European languages like French and German to the romantic tones of Italian and Spanish, there’s a linguistic journey awaiting every learner. Each program is crafted meticulously, ensuring students get more than a cursory overview; they gain in-depth knowledge.

Importance of Certification:

In today’s globalized world, language proficiency isn’t just about conversational skill—it’s also about validation. With CORE’s 24 distinct certificates (and counting), students don’t just learn; they obtain tangible proof of their expertise. Each certification is recognized globally, acting as a passport to opportunities around the world.

Courses at CORE Languages: The Competitive Edge:

Live Private Instructor-Led Classes:

The beauty of private instruction lies in customization. Each session, tailored to the learner’s pace, ensures that no stone is left unturned. CORE’s educators are more than just teachers; they’re linguistic mentors committed to their student’s success.

Live Group Instructor-Led Courses:

Group settings foster camaraderie, collaboration, and constructive competition. Students learn not just from their instructors, but also from their peers. Each class morphs into a dynamic discussion, making learning interactive and fun.

Self-Paced Learning Courses:

Not everyone thrives in a structured environment. Some prefer learning on their own time but with a curriculum or path to guide them, and for them, CORE offers self-paced courses. Here, flexibility meets quality, ensuring learners never feel rushed or held back.

Testimonials and Success Stories:

From fresh graduates landing their dream jobs thanks to their multilingual prowess, to retirees fulfilling their dreams of speaking another language, the halls of CORE Languages echo with success stories. Sarah, a business consultant, credits her proficiency in Spanish to CORE, emphasizing how it facilitated her career in Latin America. Mark, a digital nomad, speaks fondly of his journey mastering Italian, making his travels in Italy all the more enriching. And here are some direct thoughts from happy clients.

“I always thought learning a new language at my age would be impossible. But CORE Languages made it so easy and engaging. The instructor-led classes were intimate and tailored to my learning speed. In just a few months, I can now hold conversations in French. Truly transformative!”

Sophia Martinez

“I’ve tried numerous online courses before, but nothing compares to the depth and quality of CORE Languages. The self-paced courses fit perfectly with my hectic schedule, and the material is both fun and challenging. My Spanish has improved tenfold, and I owe it all to this fantastic platform.”

Liam Thompson

“As a business professional, I needed to learn German for my job. I was skeptical about online courses until I came across CORE Languages. Their curriculum, paired with real-time feedback from instructors, made the learning process seamless. Plus with the certifications I received, I have recognized progress behind the courses I have completed so far. Highly recommend!”

Aisha Patel

“I wanted to surprise my Italian fiancée by speaking her native language at our wedding. Thanks to CORE Languages, not only did I deliver my vows in fluent Italian, but I also conversed with her family effortlessly. It was the highlight of our special day!”

Jackson Lee

“From the intuitive platform to the array of language options, CORE Languages is a cut above the rest. The live group courses fostered a sense of community and made learning Spanish an interactive and delightful experience. It’s more than just a course; like they say, it’s a journey and I’m grateful to be part of it.”

Olivia Kim

Recognizing Competitors: CORE’s Distinct Edge:

The online language learning space is crowded, to say the least. Yet, in this vast sea, CORE Languages stands as a beacon of excellence. But what gives it this edge? It’s over 16 years of experience in the space and dedication to craft: cutting-edge tech, a curated curriculum, world-class instructors, and a vision that looks far beyond mere business. CORE Languages is focused on one thing… Expanding community: bringing people in and bringing them together.

Future Vision: The Exciting Road Ahead:

While 2023 has been a great year for CORE, the future is brimming with potential. With plans to introduce more languages, leverage AI for personalized learning, and expand its global footprint, CORE is poised to redefine online language learning with its very personal human touch.


Why choose CORE Languages over others?
CORE offers a combination of quality, diversity, and future-ready courses, setting it a class apart from other online language schools.

How does the certification from CORE Languages help in career prospects?
Certifications from CORE are globally recognized, giving students an edge in job markets around the world.

What is the duration of each course?
Course durations vary, but each is meticulously designed to ensure comprehensive coverage and mastery of the language.

How experienced are the instructors?
CORE boasts a team of seasoned linguistic professionals, each an expert in their respective language. Most instructors have been teaching for over 10 years with CORE Languages.

Is there a refund policy?
Absolutely! CORE believes in its offerings and has a student-friendly refund policy for those rare instances where expectations aren’t met.

Let’s sum it up:

In the realm of online language education, many entities come and go. Yet, some, like CORE Languages, leave an indelible mark. Through its dedication to quality, innovative teaching methods, and an unwavering commitment to student success, CORE has set a benchmark. For all those looking to embark on a linguistic journey, the message is clear: CORE Languages is the gold standard.

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