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      Spanish A2

      Our goal is to create an area where material is available to anyone who is interested in learning Spanish. Complete the form to access all activities in this course. Current participants in our programs will earn points toward their courses by engaging with these and other online materials.  

      The Verbs "pedir" and "preguntar"

      two verbs: "asking" and "asking for"

      Informal Commands

      forming informal "you" commands

      Informal Negative Commands

      forming negative commands

      Formal Commands

      forming formal "you" commands

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      Direct Object Pronouns

      forming negative commands

      Indirect Object Pronouns

      person/thing for whom an action is being performed

      Relative Pronouns

      link relative clauses to main clauses

      Double Pronoun Order

      placing direct and indirect objects in a sentence

      Commands with Pronouns

      how to state a command in Spanish

      Demonstrative Adjectives & Pronouns

      speaking with pointing and gesturing

      Past Participles as Adjectives

      using verbs as adjectives

      Expressions with "hacer"

      using the verb hacer to build sentences

      Directional Prepositions

      prepositions showing direction and location


      adding information to verbs to show degree

      Present Progressive Tense

      describe events happening now

      Present Perfect Tense

      both direct and indirect object pronouns are attached

      Conditional Perfect Tense

      building the past tense with the verb haber

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