German Word of the Day

German Word of the Day

Learning a language is a multi-layer learning process. Grammar is certainly important, as it helps us build a framework of the tenses, moods, cases and conjugation. Speaking, pronunciation and listening are all very important as well. But it really only depends on vocabulary. The more words you know, the more it will all make sense. 

German Words of the Day-3
For our German learners, here is our collection of our German words of the day:

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Ich kann mir das Wort einfach nicht merken. Ich brauche eine Eselsbrücke. 

I simply cannot memorize this word. I need a donkey bridge. 

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Er macht seine Arbeit sehr gut. Er hat unglaubliches Fingerspitzengefühl.
He does his job very well. He has unbelievable intuitive instinct. 

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Ich bin ganz aufgeregt. Ich habe morgen ein Vorstellungsgespräch. 

I am completely nervous. I have a job interview tomorrow. 

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Ich mag es nicht vor Leuten zu reden. Ich bekomme immer sofort Lampenfieber. 
I don’t like speaking in front of people. I always immediately get stage fright. 

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Ich brauche etwas zum Schreiben. Hast du einen Kugelschreiber? 

I need something to write. Do you have a pen? 

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