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All of our classes are 100% teacher led. The difference with CORE Languages is the service you receive before you start your classes and throughout your entire learning journey. Getting started is easy. Create a Client Account in CORE CONNECT, our award-winning platform for free any time! Create a Free Account

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Select a package below based on the number of classes you would like to start with or get additional discounts when you sign up for a monthly subscription.

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When you create your Client Account on our webapp, CORE CONNECT, you can coordinate your own or even family member's classes.

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On CORE CONNECT, you can select your own teacher to work with or let us find one for you based on your current level and goals.

Summer Session

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We are giving away a limited number of language packages at 20% off. Purchase one or more packages before the end of July or before promotional packages run out. Add packages to cart and click Checkout. Add the promotion code SUMMER22 and click Apply.

Language Packages and Monthly Subscriptions

You’re in control of your learning pace. Select a monthly subscription to learn with a teacher that matches your schedule and save. Change packages or cancel your subscription any time.  All unused classes roll over to your next month with an active subscription, to offer no-stress scheduling.


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