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Speak German with confidence with live online private classes with professional teachers and flexibility to create your own schedule. Or join an online German group course with likeminded students and the professional guidance of our incredible teaching team.

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Regardless of whether you are interested in private classes or group courses, or whether you come to us as a complete beginner or advanced learner, we will keep you on track using the following CEFR level standards. Dive into each level to learn about topics that will be covered at each level. German B2 and higher cover customized topics built around our clients and students' goals and industries. 
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Private Instructor-Led Language Training

Choose between our Monthly Recurring Packages great for regularly scheduled training or our Client Packages for more training and flexibility at our best prices.


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4-Class Monthly Package
1 Class per Week
4 (55-minute) classes
Custom Content
Fits your Schedule
Great for gradual progress
Great for skill retention
Package auto renews monthly
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8-Class Monthly Package
Save 12%
2 Classes per Week
8 (55-minute) classes
12% off additional classes
Custom Content
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Great for regular improvement
Package auto renews monthly
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Why learn German online with CORE Languages?

Practice speaking from the start
Private Classes

Are you looking to quickly improve your German or do you have specifit topics that may not get covered in a general group course? Work one-on-one with one of our talented German teachers to make progress quickly.

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Build opportunity with online group courses
Group Courses

Are you looking for a structured program that will help you learn German in a way that respects your already busy schedule? Find out more about our online german group coruses.

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Private German classes built for you
Business Classes

All private and group courses are built for working professionals, but if you are looking for a tailored program that is easy to run by a single training manager, this may be the best option for you.

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My online German language classes focus on topics that are important for me and my everyday life, so I can use what I’ve learned right away.
I've worked with Karola in most of my classes and she makes complex grammar interesting and easy to understand and will also teach you regional language differences which is helpful for my job.
Plus, I've learned phrases and vocabulary that Germans use all the time.
Kaila Terrell
Product Designer
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Learning German online is easier than attending a language class in person. I've eliminated commuting to my local language school, which makes fitting classes into my schedule much easier. Plus, my success manager at CORE Languages made sure my teacher was available for my schedule before they matched me with a teacher.
It’s not always easy to find good, native-speaking German teachers locally, but when you’re learning online, you have a much wider selection of teachers to choose from.
Jovani Tate
Interaction Designer
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To be honest, I originally reached out for in-person German classes, but Stephen, my success manager, encouraged me to try online classes first.
Online classes were also much more affordable, so I tried them. I was shocked at how easy online classes are now-a-days! Plus, the lower cost helps me stay on budget and be more consistent with my German classes.  Instead of one in-person class per week, I have two private German classes per week for the same price! I get more effective practice in speaking and conversing and more direct feedback from my teacher. 
Justin Galloway
Sales, Lean Labs

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