Embracing the Challenge: Why Learning a New Language is a Worthwhile Investment for Your Future

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Life can sometimes be very unpredictable. Learning a new language is certainly challenging but always turns into a very good investment.  The hard work you put into it is always worth it, whatever you decide to do later.

My advice is in fact, if you are attracted by a specific language, and you don’t know why, just learn it.  Invest in it and remember to be always open to something new.

When I was a young student, I decided to become a German teacher. Spanish and English were too easy for me.  In addition, I did not have any specific interest in these languages. My real purpose in that moment was to really live and work in Germany. This plan seemed to work well.

I finished college and won an academic scholarship that allowed me to stay where I wanted to be for an entire year and even more.  After that, something really magical happened.

I was hired in a school to teach Italian, my mother tongue.  Can you even imagine!

That was a proof that when I was at college, I had the right intuition and was not wrong with the fact that my field of study must be German.

There was no need any more to worry and go back to Italy and eventually teach as all my other friends in a normal Italian high school. There was no need any more to depend on other languages! Suddenly I was in the place I wanted to be forever. It went fast…

Zocalo Square and Mexico City Cathedral - Mexico City, Mexico
Zocalo Square and Mexico City Cathedral – Mexico City, Mexico

But also, many other things changed, and my initial plan seemed to be proven wrong.  I had to go back and relearn Spanish, because I married a man from Mexico and Spanish became a language spoken at home by my children.

And then after 15 years, I once again had to relearn the English language (in college had studied English as a minor subject) because I had to relocate to the United States with my family.

I started learning English again and it was worth it for my further professional development in the USA, where if you know both German and Spanish and of course English, you really have a superpower! Now I apply this superpower to my career as a language teacher and I love it!

My advice to all learners is therefore to never say never to learning a new language. From my crazy topsy-turvy life alone all these languages became a skill I could rely on. My advice… always be open to new cultural explorations, even the weirdest ones! You never know where life brings you!


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