16 More Funny German Nouns

16 More Funny German Nouns

Last week we took a look at some German nouns that can be quite hilarious when you look at the literal meaning. Here are 16 more funny German nouns to add to your arsenal.

1. der Fernseher

literal: “the far-seer”

meaning: the TV

2. der Staubsauger

literal: “the dust-sucker”

meaning: the vacuum cleaner

3. der Kofferraum

literal: “the suitcase-space/room”

meaning: the trunk

4. das Fahrrad

literal: “the driving-wheel”

meaning: the bicycle

5. der Wasserhahn

literal: “the water-rooster”

meaning: the faucet

6. das Spiegelei

literal: “the driving-wheel”

meaning: the bicycle

7. der Feierabend

literal: “the celebration-evening”

meaning: the end of the working day

8. der Handschuh

literal: “the hand-show”

meaning: the glove

9. die Glühbirne

literal: “the glow-pear”

meaning: the light bulb

10. das Feuerzeug

literal: “the fire-stuff”

meaning: the lighter

11. das Trinkgeld

literal: “the drink money”

meaning: the tip

12. das Krankenhaus

literal: “the sick house”

meaning: the hospital

13. der Kühlschrank

literal: “the cool(ing) cupboard”

meaning: the fridge

14. das Grundstück

literal: “the ground piece”

meaning: the property

15. der Scheinwerfer

literal: “the light/glow thrower”

meaning: the spotlight/headlights

16. das Streichholz

literal: “the strike wood”

meaning: the match

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