Common and Useful English Idioms

Common and Useful English Idioms
Idioms help us enrich our language. They can be funny, but they can also help us say or express something in fewer words. For a language learner, using idioms are a wonderful way to sound more like a native speaker. Here are some common and useful English idioms.

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1. a piece of cake – something very easy

2. to see something eye to eye – to agree with someone

3. to toot your own horn – to tout oneself, to brag or boast

4. to swim against the tide – to do something that is in opposition to the prevailing opinion

5. to catch a second wind – a feeling of new energy after feeling tired

6. bright-eyed and bushy-tailed – happy and fully of energy

7. to piggyback- to use something that someone else has made or done in order to get an advantage

8. to hit the ground running – to begin something energetically and successfully

Canva Design DAFI1Bk4eN09. between a rock and a hard place – faced with a tough choice between two options

10. to spill the beans – to (accidentally) share information/a secret

11. to rock the boat – to disturb an existing situation

12. to nip something in the bud – to stop a bad situation from getting worse by taking early action

13. to be in hot water – to be in (serious) trouble

14. to go with the flow – to be relaxed and accept a situation

15. to be down to earth – to be practical and realistic

16. to bark up the wrong tree – to do something that won’t give you the results you want

Canva Design DAFI1K27juk17. to walk on eggshells – to be very careful about what you say or do to someone

18. to fly off the handle – to lose control of one’s emotions

19. to be thrown in the deep end – to be put in a completely new situation without any help or preparation

20. to burn the midnight oil – to work late into the night

21. to shoot from the hip – to react or speak suddenly or without careful consideration

22. to take a raincheck – to cancel or reschedule

23. to run something into the ground- to ruin or destroy something

24. to fly under the radar – to go without being noticed, detected, or addressed

Canva Design DAFI1Wji1EM25. to cut corners – to do something in the easiest, cheapest or fastest way

26. to break the ice – to do something to reduce shyness/tension

27. to miss the boat – to miss your chance to do something

28. to bite the bullet – to force yourself to do something unpleasant

29. to hit the nail on the head – to do or say something precisely right

30. to be/sit on the fence – to be unable to make a decision, to be undecided

31. to join the bandwagon – to join a popular trend, activity, or opinion

32. to take something with a grain of salt- to view something with skepticism

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