At CORE we specialize in corporate language and culture training. We are lucky to have the opportunity to work with leading businesses in pretty much all sectors.  In continuing with our mission to make language training accessible to all levels of employees on a global scope, we have formalized our online language training options in the following graphic. 

Courses built for your Business Training is offered with a live instructor virtually Online or at your place of work In Person. Build the course that

Virtual language training takes place live with an instructor working with you or with a very small group (we typically cap a group at 4 participants).  Our goal is to pass along the savings of not having to travel to your location.  Keeping class sizes small ensures that the classes can remain dynamic and engaging.

Included in all of our virtual courses is access to your data 24/7 through our online portal, a growing repository of online content in our LMS (Learning Management System) and of course access to one of our incredibly talented and motivated instructors!  Take a look below for additional details…

Looking for other Language Training Providers?  Take a look and compare CORE with some of the world’s leading resources…  Oh, did we mention that CORE made the list?  You can feel confident that you are selecting a world-renowned service provider when you choose CORE.

Find out more and request pricing for Online Training.

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Your Dashboard

Want to find out how many classes you have completed or how many are remaining?  Need to reach out to your instructor with a question?  Want to let your instructor know that you cannot make the next class by marking your own attendance?  Do it all on your CORECONNECT Dashboard.

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Get your team CONNECTED 

You probably belong to a global company already well versed in the benefits of language and culture education.  Let CORE get you CONNECTED through standardized programs offered onsite at your location or virtually to a team of your colleagues. Build your cultural awareness and increase your team’s communication through team training activities.

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Flexible Scheduling

If you are looking for the ultimate flexibility in scheduling out your classes, then virtual classes will be the best fit for you.  Keep track of your attendance and upcoming classes through our online calendar located on your dashboard. You can also access all homework and class activities through your calendar so that you stay up to date.

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Progress through our LMS

We know that learning a foreign language can seem abstract and difficult at times, which is why we recommend working with an instructor and getting regular feedback through interactive checkpoints and exercises.   You can accomplish this through our LMS.  Our Learning Management System offers customized modules built for your specific language and level.  Each module reviews grammar and vocabulary concepts testing your knowledge and showing you where and how to improve.

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