Intercultural Training

Bring your team together with the bridge of intercultural training.

Why CORE Languages?

Intercultural training brings your international team together.

Why Intercultural Training?
Intercultural training provides the introduction to the norms, traditions, and etiquette of a foreign culture that is crucial to success in global business. CORE Languages’ intercultural training programs help employees and their families conduct themselves respectfully and confidently in cross-cultural settings, which in turn helps businesses thrive. Clients often choose to bundle intercultural training with language training programs to maximize international competencies.

Our intercultural training programs are designed to support:

  • Businesses pursuing global expansion or site-specific international projects
  • Executives and high-performing employees conducting international business or expatriating to another country
  • Accompanying family members of expatriating employees who are relocating to, or returning from, a host country
  • Intercultural training options include:
  • Private classes (one-on-one instruction)
  • Small group or family classes
  • Supplemental programs for children

Comprehensive or focused format: clients can choose to emphasize specific regions, subcultures, or topic areas in their intercultural training program

CORE offers intensive intercultural training options for any cultural pairing upon request. Our most popular multicultural training pairs include American and German, Hispanic/Latino, or Japanese cultures.

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