How Do I Start Learning a Foreign Language with CORE Languages?

How Do I Start Learning a Foreign Language with CORE Languages?

Do you want to learn a few phrases of a new language or even become fluent? CORE Languages is here to help you accomplish that. Let’s look at who we are, what we offer, and how you can find the best fit with CORE.

What is CORE Languages?

CORE Languages is a foreign language instruction company that offers virtual lessons in English, Spanish, German, French and additional languages. We offer classes to both individual students and to businesses in the form of online private and group teacher-led classes and courses. CORE uses a group of experienced and pre-screened teachers for each language who offer different schedules and personalities in their teaching styles. As a potential student, you can browse the profiles of these teachers for a good fit and reach out to a teacher who offers the schedule you need. We can also provide further personalized help in choosing a teacher if you contact us directly by calling 888-319-2673 or sending an email to

How do I start learning with a teacher?

            Before you commit to finding a teacher and paying for classes, take our one of our language placement tests to understand what level language classes you need. The results of your score will help you look for the right teacher. They will also help the CORE Languages success team know what teacher to pair you with if you would like them to choose for you. If you have never studied the language before, you can skip this test as you will be starting as a complete beginner.

            The next step is to think about how much time you have to commit to learning a foreign language. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you didn’t learn your native language in a day either! Decide how often you want to take classes and choose one of our three basic plans for frequency and payment. Be honest with yourself and make a decision based on your availability to commit. Our Advantage Plans offer discounted rates for committing to 1 class a week, 2 classes a week or 3 classes a week. Advantage Plans are paid upfront one month at a time. The benefit is that you will get a discounted rate and your teacher will know how to plan for your classes better throughout the month. It is a win – win…

  1. You can ease into classes by signing up for our Introductory Plan. $100.00
  2. Improve Plan – 1 class per week translates to 4 classes per month. $220.00
  3. Excel Plan – 2 classes per week translates to 8 classes per month. $400.00
  4. Immerse Plan – 3 classes per week translates to 12 classes per month. $540.00

Here is a big secret. Ask about any running discounts! When you commit to learning on a weekly basis with one of our Advantage Plans, we are just tickled that you are ready to commit and make progress. We want to help you there and if you need assistance with your budget, just ASK!

If you are serious about learning a language right now, we recommend taking more than one class per week (one of the subscription plans). The more often you practice and study English, the easier your learning will be.

How do I make an account and pay?

Select any plan to purchase from the CORE Languages’ website (you can click Start Classes Today). After you check out, you will have the chance to set up quick meeting with your assigned Success Manager. Your success manager will help you get connected to your teacher and get started. Or you can skip this step and set up your own account on our platform, CORE CONNECTTM. The good news is that we will be here to support you every step of the way!

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