But, in which job fields is your Spanish most likely to be used? Let’s find out!

1. Teacher

You don’t have to be a Spanish teacher to find yourself in need of Spanish-speaking skills. In today’s school system, teachers find themselves communicating to students, parents, and co-workers in Spanish. With a base knowledge of Spanish, teachers can help their students learn, communicate easily with parents about student progress and needs, and share ideas with their Spanish-speaking co-workers.

2. Customer Service

As a customer service representative, you will often times find yourself talking to a Spanish-speaking customer in need of help. With a base knowledge of the Spanish language, you will find it easier and more comfortable to communicate with these customers either in person, over email or on the phone. Customers will feel more comfortable and at ease when they feel they are being understood which creates an overall better experience for both parties involved!

3. Healthcare Professional

Healthcare professionals see a myriad of patients every day. At times, these interactions can be under extremely intense circumstances heightening the need for clear communication. As a healthcare professional with Spanish speaking skills, you are able to put patients at ease by being able to understand their needs and communicate to them the care that they are both in need of and receiving. A calm and understood patient is a happy and healthy patient!

4. Social Worker

Social workers have one of the most important jobs in our society. The ability to do their job well heavily relies on their communication skills as they need to understand the needs of their clients and patients. When working with Spanish-speaking clients, social workers benefit greatly from a base knowledge of the Spanish language. Instead of having to use a translator, social workers can communicate personally with their patients and build strong relationships that lead to successful outcomes.

5. Sales

You can’t sell anything to anyone if you can’t tell them what you’re selling. It’s that simple! When selling a product to Spanish-speaking customers, it is vital that a salesperson is able to explain exactly what said product is. Having a base knowledge of the Spanish language helps immensely with this much needed clear and quick communication between the buyer and seller.

6. Real Estate Agent

Warren Buffett is the 5th richest person in the world, and he did it through real estate. As a real estate, he tries to push past normal limits. You should do the same and expand your client base by making sure that you have added Spanish to your real estate skills. Knowing two languages multiplies the number of clients you could land. Become a Spanish speaking real estate agent today!

By now, you hopefully see that learning Spanish is helpful for many job titles. How can it help you in yours?