The Best Way to Get More Students Online

The Best Way to Get More Students Online

The last few years have been ones of much change. And although online lessons are not new, there is a much greater demand for them now than there ever was. As a teacher vying for students, you need to know the best way to get more students online. Check out the tips below for some sure-fire ways to land new students.

Canva Design DAFN5aL6YPoEstablish yourself as a professional

You will need to establish yourself as a professional in the online platform. With so many teachers vying for new students on the same platform, you need to make yourself stand out… in the professional sense of the word. There are three main steps to make sure that you look professional on the online platform in order to attract more students. 

Canva Design DAFN56jo8i4Your first step is to select a profile picture that is professional. Selecting an appropriate, professional picture will make you stand out as a professional teacher. This doesn’t mean you need to get professional head shots taken. No. It means that you need to make sure that you look presentable in your picture. Have your hair brushed, clothes nice, and a good angle. No one wants to see a picture too close to your face at an angle that makes your number of chins rival that of a sumo wrestler! If you are not good at taking selfies, maybe have someone take a picture for you. You might consider smiling for your picture so that potential students see you as friendly and inviting in addition to professional.

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The first step to making your profile look professional is to have a photo that looks professional. The second step is to make sure to fill out all parts of your profile. Does the profile ask for a bio? Write one! Does it ask for your teaching experience? Fill it out! Does it ask for what subjects you teach? List everything you would be willing to teach! Having empty parts of your profile may indicate to students that perhaps your course will be lacking as well. Do not skip this step in an attempt to save time.

Teacher Profile
The third step for establishing yourself as a professional is to make sure you know how to use the platform for lessons. If the teaching platform you use requires the use of Zoom, make sure you know how to host a session, share your screen, and use all available features. If your platform has a built-in video feature for teachers to use for lessons, make sure you learn how to use it. There will likely be training videos available on the site for how to use the video platform. Watch the training videos. Do a practice video session before your first lesson. There is nothing less professional than having your lesson be delayed, slowed down, or interrupted by the teacher not knowing how to use the video call’s features.

Canva Design DAFN5mH0UQgEstablish Yourself as an Authority in Your Content Area

The first way you will attract more students is by making your teacher profile look professional. The second way to gain students online is by establishing yourself as an authority in your content area. You may think, “I already put all of my qualifications on my profile.” Or you might think “How will I prove my knowledge without teaching them a lesson?” Whether you feel that your qualifications have adequately been proven on your profile or you think that you need to land that first lesson to prove you are an authority, here are a few ways you might not have tried for establishing yourself as an authority in your content area.

Canva Design DAFN5z_UNlYThe first way to establish yourself as an authority is by creating resources for students in your content area. You could make students have to pay for the resources, but you are more likely to have students actually look at your resources if they are free. Here at CORE Languages, you can create lessons to add to our free course content for English, German, Spanish, or French. And we will put your name on it and referral code to earn commission on any students who sign up using your referral code!

Canva Design DAFN5wkYG4wThe second way to establish authority in your content area is to write about your content area. This could be writing about how to teach your content area. It could also be writing about difficult concepts in your content area. You might do this on your LinkedIn profile, other social media profiles, a personal blog, or a business blog. Here at CORE languages, you can establish your authority in your content area by writing articles for our blog! The blog article will have your name and picture on it and will have your referral code connected to it, so that anyone who signs up for lessons using your code will earn you a commission for the duration that the student continues with lessons (even if the lessons are not with you!).

Canva Design DAFN6FLh1gwA third way to establish your authority to get more students online is to establish an audience on social media. The truth is if you have a social media account (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) you already have an audience! The only thing you need to do is to take advantage of that fact. Does your audience (your friends or followers) know what content area is your specialty? Have you ever shared a tidbit of your knowledge on your profile? Have you ever shared an article that you wrote or a resource that you created? Start now! You are already sharing things online, why not use that to earn money? Have your friends sign up for language lessons with CORE Languages, and it will be money in your bank account every time they have a lesson!

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