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The Best Place to Learn German

You want to learn German, but you are not sure the best way to go about doing it or where the best place to learn German is. Below you will find different possibilities of the best way and place to learn German. The best place to learn German will depend on your finances, your time, and your fluency goal.

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On Language Learning Apps

If you simply want a basic introduction to the German language, you might consider downloading language learning app. You can use all the learning material and features on Duolingo for free. You could also use one of the other top 5 most downloaded language learning apps. Some of the features on the other top 5 apps will be paid. You can progress in your German ability by dedicating 10-15 minutes a day. Some of the apps offer access to free online classes with native speakers individually or in groups. To learn more about language learning apps, read here.

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At Your Job

What if you could learn a language on company time at no cost to you? Well, the truth is you can! Language training is a paid for personal development that companies across the world pay for to increase their employees’ ability to communicate with either their current or future customer base and business associates. Training sessions can be held on the job site or at a chosen alternate location. Classes are with a professional language teacher and can be individual or group sessions. Classes are also offered online, if that is more convenient. Language training is free to employees and will be facilitated by a teacher specialized in teaching German for business purposes.

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On Social Media

Social media has been used as a powerful tool of connection. It gives each user the ability to connect with people from across the globe. Having access to people internationally can help you learn a language from the comforts of your own home for free. Just do a quick search for groups meant for learning German. You can search on Facebook and LinkedIn as well. When choosing a language learning group to join, choose one with a good number of participants and amount of participation. When you have your German-related questions, you can pose them to the group and get answers quickly. In addition to joining groups, you can follow accounts that focus on teaching about the German language and culture. These accounts will be invaluable in your German language journey. Like the groups that you join, you should follow accounts with lots of followers, interaction, and quality content.

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With Language Partners

Another free option for language learning is finding language partners. You could find a native German-speaking or a fellow German learner. You could also check for a local German meetup. Native language partners will expose you to the use of correct pronunciation, grammatical structure, and language use 100% of the time. Fellow language learners offer comradery in working through the difficulties of the German language. Meetups give you the chance to immerse yourself in the German language. Meet up at an authentic restaurant, and you can immerse yourself in the German culture as well. Maybe you might even get the chance to interact with a German speaking staff member as well.

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In an Authentic Environment

Another potentially free option for learning German is to find an authentic environment where German is spoken. This does not need to be in a German speaking country. Perhaps there is a German store near you? A paid option would be an authentic German restaurant. While you are at the German store or restaurant, be sure to ask about where Germans tend to congregate and get the insider’s scoop on available cultural events. Another huge possibility for finding native German speakers to connect with is to participate in Oktoberfest. This German festival centers around German beer, food, and games. Google to find where there will be an Oktoberfest near you!

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With a Language Teacher

If you have a little more time and money to invest, learning German with a language teacher would be an excellent option for you! You can meet for classes online or in person. Teachers bring a wealth of knowledge of how the German language and culture work. They also know the process of language learning and how to help you gradually climb the levels of fluency. You can meet once a week, twice a week, three times a week, etc. How often you meet will depend on how fast you want to progress and what your schedule looks like. When choosing a German language teacher, it is best to select one who has formal education in language teaching. When searching for online classes, you should choose an established language teaching authority that has clout in the language learning community.

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In a German speaking Country

The most time and resource-consuming option is likely also the best place to learn German– in a German speaking country. Most think of Germany when considering learning German abroad. There are other German-speaking countries to choose from. Which country you choose should be determined by which version of German you will most often speak in your day-to-day life. If you are learning German for business purposes, choose the country where most of your clients or colleagues are from. If you are learning German because of your heritage, go with the country where you relatives are from. When choosing where to stay and what to do while traveling, choose places and activities that will immerse you in the German language and culture. Maybe search for less touristy places that the locals like to frequent.

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