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The Best Place to Learn French

You want to learn French, but you are not sure how to go about it or what the best place to learn French is. Below are some possibilities of the best way and place to learn French. The best option for you will depend on how much money, time, and dedication you have to allot to learning French.

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Language Learning Apps

If you want a basic introduction to French, downloading language learning app is likely the best choice for you. All the learning material and features on Duolingo are free. You could also use one of the other top 5 most downloaded language learning apps. Some features on these top 5 apps will require payment. You can make progress in your French skills by dedicating 10-15 minutes a day to your studies. On some of the apps you can have access to free online classes with native speakers for individual or group lessons. To learn more about popular language learning apps, read here.

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Your Job

What if you could learn a language while on the job at no cost to you? The truth is: you can! Companies pay for language training as a means of personal development to increase employees’ ability to communicate with current and future customer bases as well as with business associates. Language training sessions are held at the student’s workplace or at a chosen alternate location. Language training sessions are directed by a professional language teacher and can be held individually or in a group setting. Training sessions can also be held online, if that is more convenient for the students and company. Language training is free to employees and should be facilitated by a teacher specialized in teaching French for business purposes.

Canva Design DAE51eE8WjcSocial Media

Social media has been used as a powerful tool of connection. It gives each user the ability to connect with people from across the globe. Having access to people internationally can help you learn a language from the comforts of your own home for free. Just do a quick search for groups meant for learning French. You can search on Facebook and LinkedIn as well. When choosing a language learning group to join, choose one with a good number of participants and amount of participation. When you have your French-related questions, you can pose them to the group and get answers quickly. In addition to joining groups, you can follow accounts that focus on teaching about the French language and culture. These accounts will be invaluable in your French language journey. Like the groups that you join, you should follow accounts with lots of followers, interaction, and quality content.

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Once you have joined language learning groups, you will be able to find your next free language learning option: language partners. Language partners can be native French speakers or fellow French learners. Native language partners will expose you to the use of correct pronunciation, grammatical structure, and language use. The advantage of having a fellow language learner as a partner is the ability to work through the difficulties of the French language together. You might also consider finding local meetups for French learners. Meetups will give you the chance to immerse yourself in the French language. Meet ups can happen at an authentic restaurant, coffee shops, etc. That way you can immerse yourself in a French cultural experience as well. At an authentic restaurant the owner or staff members might be native French speakers for yet another opportunity to practice your French skills.

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Another potentially free option for learning French is to find an authentic environment where French is spoken. This does not need to be in a French speaking country. Perhaps there is a French restaurant near you? Or maybe a creperie? While you are at the restaurant, be sure to ask about where the French people tend to congregate. You can also ask about suggested cultural events frequented by French speakers.

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If you have more time and money to invest in your language learning journey, learning French with a language teacher might be the best option for you! You can opt for online or in person classes. Teachers will bring their knowledge of the workings of the French language as well as the cultural context. Teachers know the typical progression of the language learning process as well as how to help you gradually progress through the fluency levels. How often you meet with your language instructor can vary anywhere from once a week, to twice a week, to three or more times per week. The frequency of classes will depend on how fast you wish to progress and what your schedule allows. When choosing a French language teacher, it is best to select someone with formal training in language teaching. When searching for online classes, you should choose classes offered by an established language teaching authority with clout in the language learning community.

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French speaking Country

The language learning option that requires the most time and money is likely also the best place to learn French– in a French speaking country. Although most people may think of France when considering learning French abroad, there are many other French-speaking countries. The country you choose will be affected by a few different things. First is the version of French that you most often experience in day-to-day life. If you are learning French for business purposes, choose the country where most of your clients or colleagues are from. If you are learning French because of your heritage, learn the dialect that your relatives know. If neither of those is your reason for learning French, you could just choose to go to the country that has the best exchange rate/is the cheapest to visit or live in. That will give you more options to do more authentic activities and have more cultural experiences that might not have been afforded to you otherwise. 

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