Thanks for joining us on our trip around the world of English-speaking countries! We will turn the spotlight on a different area of the world today. So far, we have looked at the United States and Canada as places to improve your English. This week you can look at an overview of what it may be like to learn English in England!

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The United Kingdom

British English is a West Germanic Language that comes from northwest Germany. The language was brought to Britain by Germanic settlers. There 4 different countries that form the United Kingdom, including England, Scotland, Whales and Northern Ireland. These countries speak English, with wide differences in pronunciation.  However, the best method of learning English in Great Britain is understanding “Received Pronunciation.” This dialect is the most standard form of English, also known as “the Queen’s English”, “Oxford English” and “BBC English.” This type of English is region-less, making it easier to understand and learn for foreigners.

Canva Design DAFBDigg_yoAs you search through English language courses, you might wonder where the best place to learn English in Great Britain is. Some of the best cities include London, Brighton, Oxford, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool and Edinburgh. It should be noted though, there is no such thing as a “British accent.” The Brits don’t use this term, mostly because they have specific dialects such as Welsh, Scottish or Northern Irish accents. The main difference between English and American English is if “r” is pronounced in their words. This is called the “rhotic accent,” meaning one pronounces “r” in all their words. Americans tend to pronounce the “r,” but in England they do not. Make words like “jar” sound more like “jaw.”

Canva Design DAFBDlN879wMuch like the United States, the United Kingdom has a school year that starts in early-September and runs through late-June/early-July. There are breaks in between: Christmas, Easter holidays, Summer, Fall Break and other minor holidays throughout the year. As you plan your study abroad program, you will need to take into account how the academic school year works, so you can plan accordingly. Whereas part-time academic English courses will likely follow the school year schedule, English language summer camps will only take place during the summer. Many intensive language courses are available year-round, so do your research!

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