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Private Sessions

Meet one or more times weekly with a dedicated German instructor online at a pace and schedule that custom fits your busy life.

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Group Courses

Our 10 week group German courses meet twice a week for 1-hour classes. Learn German with other motivated students. Best option for German CEFR certification.

Group of cheerful young women studying together

Academy Courses

Join an Academy course for course content built on top of leading German curriculum: includes videos, vocabulary, quizzes and certificate.

Regardless of whether you are interested in private classes or group courses, or whether you come to us as a complete beginner or advanced learner, we will keep you on track using the following CEFR level standards. Dive into each level to learn about topics that will be covered at each level. German B2 and higher cover customized topics built around our clients and students’ goals and industries. 

German Transportation Vocabulary
German Present Perfect - Inseparable Prefix Verbs
Berlin, Germany at sunset.
German Present Perfect - Separable Prefix Verbs
Time is fleeting
German Temporal Prepositions
water glasses
German Comparative
Discover the World. Children lying on world map, looking at it
German Dative Prepositions
I love nature
German Conditionals
Start a German Group Course at Work

Find out how businesses implement our training courses to help their employees succeed with client exclusive training options.