Embracing a New Challenge: My Journey to Learn Spanish with CORE Languages

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This week marks a significant milestone in my personal and professional life – the beginning of my journey to learn Spanish. As someone deeply involved with CORE Languages, a premier provider of language training for business professionals and their families, I am taking a leap into the enriching world of language learning, and I am thrilled to share this journey with all of you.

The Decision to Learn: Learning a language is similar to planning an intricate trip, especially when balancing responsibilities like family and business. I’ve often found myself using the ‘too busy’ excuse, but the truth is, there’s always time if we choose to make it. This realization hit me hard recently. If I advocate for language learning’s benefits in work and everyday life, I must walk the talk.

Why Spanish? My daily interactions already have a sprinkle of Spanish, but my inability to participate fully has been a lingering frustration. I have friends and acquaintances who speak Spanish, and I believe that learning the language will significantly enhance our relationships. Moreover, my travels to Costa Rica revealed a stark truth – staying within English-speaking bubbles limits the authentic experience of a new culture. I yearn to break free from the ‘Americanized’ zones and truly immerse myself in the vibrant local cultures.

I also interact with Spanish speaking prospective clients who want to learn English “Inglés” on a regular basis and there is an immediate benefit that I can gain by being able to say. “Sorry, I don’t speak Spanish, but I can text you or email you in Spanish!” For the time being, I can use a coworker to help me write a response in Spanish or Google translate when I’m completely on my own! Imagine being able to connect even with broken Spanish to show I am going through the same process of learning!

The CORE Languages Edge: At CORE Languages, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with learning a language for professional and personal reasons. Our amazing team of language teachers is ready to provide comprehensive, tailored learning experiences, whether online or in-person in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and 60+ additional languages. As I embark on this journey with our teachers’ support, I look forward to a transformational learning experience.

Join Me on This Journey: This blog will be more than just a chronicle of my language learning; it’s an invitation. If you’re a Spanish speaker or a fellow language learner, I encourage you to join in and share your experiences, insights, and challenges. Learning a foreign language is not just about education or acquiring new skills – it’s about joining new cultures and communities and actually learning by doing!

As I set out on this exciting path, I am reminded of the power of stepping out of our comfort zones. Through CORE Languages, I aim to not only enhance my language skills but also to connect more deeply with diverse cultures and communities. Stay tuned for updates, stories, and insights as I progress in my Spanish learning journey. Let’s embrace this adventure together!

About CORE Languages: CORE Languages is a professional language training company specializing in offering comprehensive online and in-person foreign language training for business professionals, their family members and all language enthusiasts. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of professionals in various industries, ensuring language learning is not just educational, but also relevant and practical.

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