Cultural Competence: Can You Define Characteristics Versus Culture?

Cultural Competence: Can You Define Characteristics Versus Culture?

Many of us are familiar with the word denial and polarization, however can you really define them without stereotyping? What are the characteristics? With all of the things that are happening in the world, polarization and denial have become the common buzzwords. What about minimization, acceptance, adaptation? Are you familiar with the characteristics for these? Can you define characteristics versus culture? 


Are you ready to take the IDI, intercultural development inventory? It is a 50-question assessment to show where you are at with your cultural competence. Mitchell R. Hammer, Ph.D. designed and copyrighted these questions based on theory. The assessment is available in 17 different languages and have been thoroughly back translated. It’s not a pass/fail type assessment. There are no right or wrong answers. It’s a tool to open the dialogue with a trained QA, such as myself in a consulting type setting.  We would discuss where you are at and compare the characteristics and what the following steps would look like if you choose to take them.  The results are confidential. They are only shared with you and or the group (if its setup that way) and your IDI administrator.

IDI could be a great asset for your organization to gather individual, team and management results. It is also possible for you to compare the results of one team or department to another. This allows individuals and groups to focus on increasing their intercultural competence from how they currently engage cultural differences, to how they can more effectively engage diversity. We will create a roadmap at the beginning of how you would like to use the plan for your cultural competency that derives from the assessment. Let’s have a conversation to bridge you to diversification and inclusion.

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