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CORE Languages is your One-Stop-Shop for Language Services. in addition to language and culture training, our corporate clients have access to the full suite of language services offered by our team of professionals.

Qualified and professional on-site interpreters are essential in international business, where there is simply no room for misunderstandings. It is critical for companies to be prepared for opportunities to use interpreter services no matter how small the assignment or meeting. Interpreters serve in a wide variety of environments and situations, including during business meetings, teleconferences, and legal negotiations; in the early stages of relocation assignments; and at special events such as political or social gatherings where significant populations of foreign language speakers may be present.


CORE has an established reputation for expert document translation of business and marketing research; websites and multimedia materials; and legal and medical documents. Additional document translation services include:

  • Website translation

  • Software or mobile application localization

  • Multilingual desktop publishing

  • Technical reports

  • Project management

  • Notarization

To receive a personalized quote for our translation services or an add-on to an existing contract, please e-mail us with your project details. All documents are considered confidential.

Standard delivery for a translated document is 48 to 72 hours.

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Destination services encompass a wide range of support programs designed to ease the transition to life in a new city or country. We recognize how important — and reassuring — it can be for relocating employees and their families to have the support of a team focused on their well-being, comfort, and successful settling into their new country throughout the expatriation process. CORE utilizes an in-house team of experienced, compassionate destination services managers and the local expertise of an expansive network of consultants to provide expert destination services for our premier clients. We focus on contributing to a positive transition experience for employees and their families, customizing a destination services package that meets their needs, addresses their concerns, and ensures that relocating employees become productive faster in their new location.

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Curious about your business competency in diversity?

Have you considered taking the IDI, Intercultural Development Inventory? Are you ready for an inside look to not only how you see things but how others view what you say and do? The IDI will assist you with increasing your intercultural competence.

How? First you and/or your team take a 50-question assessment. These questions are based on theory that was designed and copyrighted by Mitchell R. Hammer, Ph.D. They are available in 17 different languages and have been thoroughly back translated.
Next you will meet with an IDI qualified administrator such as myself to do a debriefing, or as I prefer to call it a conversation, consulting, to discuss where you are, what the next steps could be, and would look like should you choose to take them.
Why? It’s a global world, people need to communicate better. This allows individuals and groups to focus on increasing their intercultural competence from how they currently engage cultural differences, to how they can more effectively engage diversity.

This is an opportunity to create a roadmap that focuses on how to bridge across cultural differences and develop you/your businesses intercultural competence and it also allows you the opportunity to become more aware of how you experience these differences.
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Renee Asenguah
IDI Qualified Administrator
Cultural Trainer and ESL Instructor

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