Intermediate Spanish Grammar Topics

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These videos will equip you with the necessary vocabulary and grammatical Knowledge to continue improving your Spanish skills

Course Content

Additional Topics

  • Adjectives in Spanish with examples
  • Learn Spanish for Free or Improve your Spanish
  • Personal pronouns in Spanish in only a few minutes
  • When to use the verb Estar and how to conjugate it
  • Learn Spanish – ser conjugation examples
  • Learn the Spanish numbers from 10 to 20
  • What does DESPACITO really mean? (REAL MEANING)
  • Learn the personal pronouns in spanish
  • Learn how to say your age and the numbers in spanish from 30 to 40
  • Learn how to say the numbers in spanish 20 to 30
  • Spanish speaking countries Incredible facts
  • The Spanish Word of the day: ¿Por qué? – when and how to use ¿Por qué?
  • The Spanish Word of the Day: Vida Learn Spanish while you sleep
  • STOP! Making these mistakes in Spanish before it’s too late!
  • Adventures in The Atacama Desert Spanish Listening Activity
  • Learn all about ARGENTINIAN SPANISH in 10 minutes!

Spanish Past Participles

Spanish Future Tense

Spanish Conditional Tense

Spanish The Passive Voice (all tenses)

Spanish The Passive Voice (present tense)

Spanish The Superlative

Spanish The Comparative

Spanish Conditional Perfect Tense

Spanish Present Perfect Tense

Spanish Present Progressive Tense

Spanish Adverbs

Spanish Directional Prepositions

Spanish Expressions with “hacer”

Spanish Past Participles as Adjectives

Spanish Demonstrative Adjectives & Pronouns

Spanish Commands with Pronouns

Spanish Double Pronoun Order

Spanish Relative Pronouns

Spanish Indirect Object Pronouns

Spanish Direct Object Pronouns

Spanish Formal Commands

Spanish Informal Negative Commands

Spanish Informal Commands

Spanish Verbs “pedir” and “preguntar”

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