As a language training company, we speak with many human resources departments and corporate representatives who are charged with managing international relocation programs for their companies. We get a lot of great questions during these conversations, but there is 1 thing HR managers forget to ask their language training company. Keep reading to find out what it is.

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Are your classes taught by an instructor? Yes, CORE Languages courses are taught by an instructor. Most of our programs are taught in-person, through we can accommodate real-time virtual classes upon request. We operate in every U.S. state and use a location-based matching system to pair your language training program with a certified language instructor in your area. Programs that involve training at multiple corporate branches follow a standardized curriculum to ensure consistency and continuity across locations.

Canva Design DAFC7Y9dZewWhere do classes take place? The majority of our language training programs happen on-site at your place of business. This is a large part of the reason we include location in our teacher matching process. Through experience, we’ve found that hosting class sessions in the workplace leads to higher rates of attendance and faster learning progress by eliminating many of the main barriers to attending class — like distance and time.

Canva Design DAFC7Zxs9U0Do you offer assessments? Yes, and all assessments are highly customizable. A standard class curriculum includes 7 “checkpoints” for students to evaluate their skill development, and a final assessment to demonstrate overall level proficiency at the conclusion of a course.

But there’s one other thing we’re always hoping prospective clients will ask us about — and we don’t always hear it! That question is:

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What do you do to track student progress and report it back to us?

CORE Languages is proud to be a data-driven company, and we are always looking to move the dial forward in our tracking and reporting. We recognize that clear data points are one of the best ways to show return on investment in employee development, and to empower relocation managers to convey the value of our language and intercultural training programs as employee benefits. We have also spent significant time developing our tracking and reporting tools because we simply want to help make our clients’ jobs easier, and doing so is a key part of our commitment to ongoing improvement.

Canva Design DAFC7RxP6hMIn addition to tracking the baseline metric of class attendance, CORE Languages uses a technology platform that allows us to securely track student engagement with supplemental course materials hosted on our website. Using attendance, engagement, and assessment scores as key metrics, CORE Languages is able to generate and share reports with our clients that show individual student progress and highlight areas of strength and needs for improvement. With tracking occurring automatically on our platform, we are also able to identify trends and take steps to get a struggling student back on track early in the course and ensure success. When we establish a contract with a new client, we set a schedule for sharing reports and metrics so that we can best help them to reach the goals of their training program.

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Want to learn more about our student data tracking and reporting, and how CORE Languages can help your business? Contact us today to discuss our programs and what sets them apart, or to receive a custom quote.