Sharing Your Referral Code Without Cold Messaging

Sharing Your Referral Code Without Cold Messaging

Your Facebook friend is an acquaintance from high school who you never even talked to back then randomly messages you asking if you want to host a party for their new business venture. You politely decline. There is a way to get people to buy what you are selling without cold messaging. Find out how to get people to use your referral code without cold messaging.

Cold Message

So, you are really excited about CORE Languages’ Ambassador Program. You filled out the form. You received your referral code. And you are wondering what to do next. You absolutely do not want to cold message people and also do not want to ask everyone you talk to if they want to learn a language. How can you share your referral code without being annoying or awkward? Follow the tips below.

being awkward

Share About Your Language Learning Journey

Do a Facebook Live, make a video, add to your stories, make a post. Start talking about something related to (language learning) what you really want to share (your CORE Languages’ referral code). Just like nobody wants a cold message, no one wants a cold post or video about something you are selling. At the end of your video or post, make sure you post about where you are currently with your language learning journey (CORE Languages), so that people start becoming familiar with the company where your referral code comes from.

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Include a Picture (of Yourself) in Posts

Obviously, if your post was a video, you can skip this tip. Social media platforms that are more post oriented reward posts with uploaded pictures. They do not like when you reshare pictures from another location on the same website. If you want to reshare a previously uploaded picture, reupload the picture. You can also download it from the website (such as Facebook) and then add it to your post. Including a picture of yourself is more likely to get people to look at the picture and at least start reading your post.

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Interact with Other Accounts Before and After You Post

Just like people do not enjoy cold messaging or cold posting, Facebook and other social media platforms do not like it either. If you are not actively engaging with other posts and accounts by liking or commenting on them, your post will receive less views. It is for this reason that you should interact with other people’s posts for at least 10 minutes before and after making your post. Doing so will make it more likely that more people will see your posts. 

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Respond to All Comments on Posts, Videos, or Stories

This is where you learn about algorithms. Each social media platform has their own algorithm for gaining more views, followers, and interaction with your posts and stories. On many social media platforms, interaction between users is rewarded. If you want more people to see your posts, make sure you respond to any comments you receive. On Facebook, this actually keeps your post popping up in people’s news feeds for days and will get your more interactions. 

Always reply to any

Stay Visible

Have you ever seen someone post “I feel like I see the same people’s posts all the time” or “I don’t know if people are seeing my posts” followed by “if you can see this post, comment hi!” The people doing this are making sure to stay visible in your Facebook feed. When you comment, it is more likely that the person’s posts will appear on your feed the next time they post. You want to do interactive posts like that every once in a while. Something that will get everyone commenting. Another place to stay visible is in your stories. You need to put pictures and videos on there sharing about your life, language journey, and other things that interest you. Put a poll or two in your stories or ask a question that people can reply to. Share people’s answers. Getting people interacting in your stories is a way to slowly introduce CORE Languages and eventually share your referral code in your stories.


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