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Explore, Improve, Excel, Immerse: What’s Your Language Learning Focus?

Do you want to explore the new world of language for the first time? Or perhaps you really want to improve the language skills you already have. Maybe you want to excel in your language skills or even immerse yourself in your language studies. Here at CORE Languages, we strive to help learners of all levels meet their language learning goals. Whether it is a corporate client looking to do language training for their team or an individual wanting to finally learn the language they have always loved, your goal becomes ours. With that in mind, we have created accessible language learning focuses that fit any language learning goal. 

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Navigate through the language learning waters with our expert teachers. Let your captain guide you as you smoothly sail through otherwise choppy language learning waters with expert methods, materials, and motivation. This course meets once a week either online or in person, so you can slowly dip your toes into the waters of a new language. Explore is perfect for the newbie to the ship who wants to get their feet wet. With the Explore package you will purchase individual classes as you go.

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For those who are looking for more consistency who want to improve or develop their current skill set, you will dive deeper under the surface of your language of choice. Our skilled teacher navigators will give you more time at the helm as you consistently practice your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Improve is for language students who want to increase their level of fluency steadily over the course of time amidst a busy schedule. You will meet once per week either in person or online and will receive a discount of 10% on your monthly rate before applying any discount codes.

Improve may also be an option for those who are very advanced in their language navigation skills and are looking to home in on a specific target content. This would include those studying Spanish who want to focus on medical or court terminology. It could also be someone at BMW who wants to scope out mechanical engineering vocabulary. Maybe someone at Michelin interested in learning to maneuver through terminology specific to their area of expertise. This once-a-week training session fits any busy schedule and will be the thrust you need to move forward in your language development.



For those who want to get out on the waters more consistently, Excel offers you the ability to step up your language learning pace. Receive direct instruction from an experienced teacher two days per week. Take charge of the wheel of your language learning on the other days for self-study to practice your newly acquired knowledge and skills. This package is for those who want to see steady progress at a faster pace than having class twice a week provides. With this package comes a 15% discount on your monthly rate before any discount codes.



Fast track your language fluency with the Immerse package. The closest thing to immersion with a busy schedule, these classes will meet 3 or more days per week. Immerse will allow you to dive deep into the language and culture of your chosen language. With the help of your proficient teacher, this voyage will not soon be forgotten. Honing your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills 3 or more days with a professional teacher with 2-4 days of personal practice and study will soon make your 2nd language become 2nd nature. This package offers the largest discount of 20% before using any discount codes.


Explore, improve, excel, immerse: what’s your language learning focus? Start your journey today!


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