Earn Extra Income Through CORE Languages Ambassador Program

Earn Extra Income Through CORE Languages Ambassador Program

As prices continue to rise due to inflation, many are finding that they are in need of more money to cover the extra cost of their daily needs. Maybe you are one of the many in need and have looked at doing Uber or InstaCart to close the gap. What if you could earn extra income without having to find another job? With the CORE Languages Ambassador Program, you can do just that! Learn how to earn extra money online now!

Languages-1What is the CORE Languages Ambassador Program?

The CORE Languages Ambassador Program is a way to earn cash by using a referral code to refer new students to CORE Languages. Students using a CORE Languages referral code to sign up for classes will earn a discount on their classes.

What is a CORE Languages Ambassador?

A CORE Languages Ambassador is anyone (teacher, student, client, etc.) who has requested a referral code to share with potential students or clients.

What is a CORE Languages Referral Code?

A CORE Languages referral code is a unique numeric code generated for Ambassadors.  Teachers, students, or clients may request a code by filling out this referral code form. Ambassadors will share this code with potential CORE Languages students for students to receive a discount and teachers to earn rewards.

What Does a CORE Languages Referral Code Do?

Ambassadors can share their referral code with someone who has not yet signed up for CORE Language classes. By using the referral code, the new student will receive a discount on their classes, and the Ambassador will receive a percentage of the profits from each class that the student attends. Whether you personally teach the student or not, you will still earn a percentage from that student.

How Are My Monetary Rewards Calculated?

Teacher Ambassadors can earn anywhere from 10% up to 25% of the profits brought into CORE Languages by the student or client who signed up using your referral code. Student or Client Ambassadors can receive anywhere from 10%-25% of profits toward their own future lessons. Money earned this way are referred to as CORE Cash.

What Determines the Percentage of Profits I Receive?

Your percentage from new student classes will be determined by how many students have signed up using your referral code. For every student who signs up for classes using your referral code, you will receive 10% (Bronze Level Ambassador). Starting with the 25th student you will receive 15% of the profits (Silver Level Ambassador). Once you reach 50 students who have used your referral code to sign up for lessons, you will start receiving 20% of the profits (Gold Level Ambassador). Upon referring your 100th student, you will begin receiving 25% of profits. 

Ambassador Program

  • 10% for the 1st to 24th student to use your referral code

  • 15% for the 25th to 49th student to use your referral code 

  • 20% for the 50th to 99th student to use your referral code

  • 25% for 100+ students to use your referral code

How Often Will I Get Paid with the Ambassador Program?

You will be paid monthly. At the end of each month, the number of students who are actively taking lessons will be counted. This will determine your current Ambassador Level (Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze) and will determine your percentage (25%, 20%, 15%, or 10%).

How Much Can I Make with the Ambassador Program?

How much you can make truly depends on you! There is no earning cap for this program. But, for the sake of simplicity, let’s take a look at the math. Suppose you meet someone at Starbucks and strike up a conversation about how they want to learn German. You teach German with CORE Languages and are an Ambassador Referral Code holder. This person uses your referral code to sign up for our most basic lesson package subscription (once a week for 4 classes), and they choose you as their teacher. You now have 1 student signed up using your referral code which now makes you a Bronze Level Ambassador. You will receive 10% of the profits from that student as the complete their month of lessons. That means you are earning $10 more dollars per month. Or instead of $20/hour, you are now earning $22.50/hour. But our Bronze Level includes from the 1st student up to the 24th student who signs up with your referral code, so you could actually make an extra $240 per month! That is IN ADDITION TO what you are already earning for teaching the classes! And that is at our most basic package! Our most popular package, Excel, is for two classes per week for 8 lessons. With one student you are looking at an extra $18 per month. That is with one student. Multiply that by 10 students for an extra $180 per month.  And just at our Bronze Level, you could make an extra $432/month! If you were to be a Gold Level Ambassador and all 50 students were signed up for our Excel package (2x/week, 8 classes), you could be making $1800 extra dollars per month! ** 

What happens if a Student Stops Taking Classes?

If students do not complete their classes, they will not count towards your Ambassador rewards or ranking. In order to maintain your ranking and rewards level, students must remain active with their lessons until the end of each month.

How Much of a Discount Can a Student Get by Using My Referral Code?

New students using a referral code will receive a minimum of a 10% discount. Students can maximize their discounts by signing up for a full month of classes. By signing up for a month subscription for classes, students can receive a discount of up to 30% on their classes, when signing up with a referral code! 

How Can I Get My Referral Code to Start Sharing?

Simply fill out this form, and CORE Languages will send you your referral code!

Canva Design DAFN68DTizsKeep your eye out for our next blog article which will about sharing your referral code without cold messaging with family, friends, and coworkers without being spammy.


**Monetary quantities described in this article represent possible earnings from the Ambassador Program should participants meet the described scenarios. These numbers should not be used as guaranteed earnings, unless the requirements described in the scenarios have been met.

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