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8 International Jobs that Need English Speakers

You are a monolingual English speaker. No matter how hard you try, you just cannot get the hang of any foreign language. Despite that, you have this insatiable desire to live and travel abroad, but you are not inordinately rich. You are not even slightly rich. You are merely sliding by at the moment. Does that mean you cannot live or travel abroad? Not necessarily. There are many international jobs that need English speakers. The following list names just a few.

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Remote Jobs

One possibility for a person of lesser means to pick up and leave the country would be to have a job that can be done completely remotely. A call center job, graphic design work, telehealth visits, and many other types of remote work can be the key to your international home. With this type of work, you will be able to take advantage of your new country after work hours and on the weekends. So, this would be ideal if you simply want an international change of scenery. In 2022, many more jobs have become available remotely. Check out your options online!

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Job Transfer

If you would rather not be doing an international move without the help of your company, you might look into getting a job with an international company that can transfer you to one of their locations in the country of your choosing. Companies such as BMW, Bosch, and Michelin among others routinely do international assignments. For these specific companies, it is likely that you will need to have a specialty that is in high demand. Consider attending your local trade school to become certified in mechanical engineering or mechanical robotics. Many trades are high needs and high paying in the US as well as abroad. 

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Certified or Uncertified English Teacher

The assumption is that if you are reading this article, you speak English. You can also read and likely write. These may be the only skills you need to secure an international position as an English teacher. While some schools may require you to be TESOL (teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certified, others may not. Certification costs as little as $250 and can take as little as 12 weeks. The cost and time will likely be worth it because it will open up more international teaching positions to you. You will want to make sure to find a reputable company to work for. Look for reviews online and try to connect with current and former teachers at the location and with the company you are researching.

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Certified Teacher

Maybe teaching English is not your thing. Perhaps, you are certified to teach another subject area. Countries all over the world have international schools where all subjects are taught in English by native English speakers. Depending on the country or school you go to, they will pay you a living wage, pay for your housing, transportation, communication, and even tickets back home when it is vacation time. Be sure to really do your research to find a great school with excellent benefits. Do NOT take an assignment without thoroughly checking into the company or school and communicate with past and present international teachers. Once you find the right school, get ready for your adventure to begin!

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Cruise Ship Staff

Another way to travel the globe is by sea. Cruise ship workers can get assignments anywhere they choose. The market is competitive for this field. You will need to make sure you apply as soon as a job is posted. There will be seasons that you will work. It is one of the more grueling of the options because you will be working 7 days a week for months at a time. This option is really for those who love to meet a ton of people and serve them with minimal downtime. It is great for watching people have a great time and maybe jumping in with them at times, but docking times are likely the only time you will see land. Make sure to think through your decision carefully before you commit to this sea adventure ship.

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Flight Crew

Maybe you have an itch just to travel and not make a permanent move. Like being a cruise ship worker, you have that option. A flight attendant’s schedule, however, is much more flexible, and you have a lot more say in it.  Training to become a flight attendant lasts up to 6 months and costs up to $5000, so you could start living your traveling adventures by the Fall! Although knowing another language would likely benefit you and open more job options for you, speaking just English can get you a job as an international flight attendant as well. 

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Nanny/Au Pair

Similar to a cruise ship, being a nanny or Au Pair can be a job with a pretty intense schedule. A nanny is someone who lives in the same country as the children they take care of. They may live with the family that they work for, or they may have their own home. Their duties are that of a babysitter but fulltime. At times they may act more like a guardian than a sitter. An Au Pair has the same function but comes from another country through a program.  Host families for Au Pairs must provide food, lodging, and transportation as well as a salary. An Au Pair’s contract can be from 1-3 years depending on the country’s visa allowances.

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Work for Lodging

This option can likely give you the most time to explore the local haunts. As the title suggests, you can work in exchange for a place to stay. It will be maintenance type work or cleaning. It depends on the host. You will basically be doing a parttime job in exchange for a place to stay. This is good for short term stays and long term stays as well. You will need to have some money saved up for food and other activities that you wish to do, but the major cost of lodging will be covered. 

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