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5 Castles You Can Stay at in France

Only royalty and extravagantly wealthy people can sleep in castles. Or so it was. Nowadays, however, castles are much more accessible to the commoners. Check out these 5 castles you can stay at in France. The search for these castles was conducted on by setting the filter to only include castles. The dates were set for June 2022. Prices will vary. Castle stays in this article will be listed from the most expensive to the least expensive. 

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Chateau Les Carrasses

Located 1 mile from the Capestang city center, this castle sits in the countryside of Languedoc. The 19th-century castle has been converted into a luxury hotel, complete with a tennis court, infinity pool, grilling area, greenhouse, garden, as well as an olive grove, and an orchard. This luxury hotel comes fully furnished with the modern-day amenities with each room containing a flat-screen TV and a DVD player and Wi-Fi available throughout the castle. Each room either overlooks the pool or has a panoramic view of the grounds or surrounding area. The kitchenettes come with a dishwasher, fridge, and microwave. The castle has a Mediterranean restaurant, a cocktail bar by the pool, a bar, and a lounge where iPads are available for guests to use. There is also a gift shop where you can purchase regional products. This modernized castle will cost you about $420 per night for 2 adults.

chateau-les-carrassesChateau des Arpentis

This large castle is located about 2 miles from the city of Amboise. It sits inside a park with 74 acres of land. All rooms have a view of the park grounds. Furnishings are both modernized and some period decorations. The original architecture inside has been maintained. Wifi is available throughout the castle, and guests have access to a large outdoor pool as well as the terrace. There is a coffee house on site. Another luxury in this European castle is air conditioning. Local attractions include Pagode de Chanteloup, Chenonceaux Castle, and Miniature Castles Park. Your night’s stay can run anywhere from $180-$425 for 2 adults depending on whether you are planning a visit during the busy season or slow season.


Chateau de Vauloge

This 15th century castle is the classic castle you might imagine surrounded with broad fowl-filled moats. This storybook castle is located about 1 mile from Fercé-sur-Sarthe. This is the only stay where breakfast is included. Guest reviews reveal that the castle owner cooks the classic French breakfast herself and is very inviting and accommodating to individual guests’ dietary needs. It the 19th century the castle was expanded to further expand the protection brought by its already constructed towers, turrets, and prison. Enjoy the heated saltwater pool and free Wi-Fi. You can access the coffee house as well as a chapel on the grounds. This castle will cost you about $300 per night depending on your travel dates.


Chateau de la Ballue

This castle has the highest rating on Tripadvisor and is their best seller for castles in France. It is located between the cities of Saint-Malo and Mont-Saint-Michel. Considered to be a historic monument, the castle grounds are adorned with beautifully maintained gardens. Transport yourself back in time by staying in rooms furnished with furniture from the time period when the castle was constructed. A buffet breakfast is available daily in the castle’s dining room. The grounds house a spa and sauna available for guests’ use with the gardens as their beautiful background. Your stay will run you about $250 per night for 2 adults.

chateau de ballue

Chateau de Labro

When booking this castle, you will not need to pay until arriving at the facility. It is located about 1 mile from the city center of Onet le Chateau. On the grounds you can enjoy a pool in the orchard, a vineyard, and a spa center. Rooms are elegantly outfitted with classic furniture. Each room has its own bathroom and some rooms come equipped with a Balneo bathtub. You can also choose to stay in the castle’s tree-house hut that overlooks the orchard. Breakfast is served daily in a renovated barn that features a number of antiques. On-site parking is available, and Wi-Fi is also available in parts of the hotel. Your nightly rate will be around $180 for 2 adults.


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