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Oktoberfest is 3 months away. You go every year, but this year you want to go all out and plan a trip to Germany. Why not make it a trip you will never forget and stay at a castle in Germany? Here are 5 castles you can book for your Oktoberfest trip of a lifetime.

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Maisonette Castle

This castle stay can be yours for $115 per night. It is a historical castle that was built in 1521. Located in a small village called Gutenzell, it is about an hour and a half drive from Munich in the South of Germany. The city was originally started as a nunnery in 1237. It still stands in the village. The castle itself is beautifully decorated inside with a garden outside. Each room is furnished with a dining area, a sofa bed, and an office. The kitchen area also comes equipped with a stove, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, and fridge. A washing machine is also available for laundry. Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi and television as well.

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Hürbel Castle

Located in the same area as the Maisonette Castle, the Hürbel Castle shares similar architecture and pricing. It comes in $5 cheaper than the other one at $110 per night. This castle is truly beautiful in the inside with Baroque art, architecture, and decor that transport you back in time, while still offering modern amenities and accommodations. Your room will give you a gorgeous view of the garden as well as the church. Due to its location next to the church, you will hear bells ringing to signal the time. The palace is located on the Baroque Route, located in the region of Oberschwaben. You can discover monasteries, palaces, pastures, villages, and food! On the grounds you can interact with horses and sheep in their enclosed area. You can reach the Alps in an hour’s drive. 

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Located in Muerlenbach, Germany, you can stay in this castle for $191 per night. The property is smoke-free and is a short distance from ecotours and sledding. There are 2 nature parks within a 25-minute drive. If you wish to travel further, you can walk 6 minutes to catch a train to the destination of your choosing from this West German city. Amenities include Wi-Fi, and cable TV, as well as a stereo. You can start up the grill or use the stovetop to heat your dinner. Other amenities available in the kitchen are a refrigerator, a dishwasher, and a coffee maker, as well as cookware. This castle is located about an hour and a half from Cologne, Germany, and two and a half hours from Frankfurt.

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This majestic castle is located in the Northern part of Germany near Berlin. Its beauty can be found both inside and outside the castle. The architecture is exquisite and the garden on the grounds is wonderfully kept. You can be transported back in time for $251 per night. The original castle was built during the 9th century and has been gradually expanded since. In 1750, the Baroque transformation of the castle began. This is the style that you will enjoy during your stay at the castle. Before being converted into a vacation spot, the castle was used as a boarding school. Near the grounds, you can explore a forest that expands for miles and miles. Or you can take a short walk to the train station and take a 50-minute ride to reach Berlin. Drive 30 minutes away to explore The Wittenberg, where you can see historical sites of the Reformation, including the Martin Luther House, the city and the castle church, and the Old Latin School.

Canva Design DAFGZt4ag7cKornburg – Worzeldorf Castle

Constructed in 1276, this castle used to have a moat surrounding it, but has since been filled in with grass and flowers to make the lovely grounds that exist today. Conveniently located near the bus stop and a short distance from the city center, you can retreat from the noise of the city into the quiet of the castle. Once you have seen the sights during the day, kick back with a good book, watch some tv, or share your pictures online with the Wi-Fi. Cook a homemade meal with the oven or microwave, and store what is left in the fridge or freezer. You can choose to shower or soak in the tub to clean up at the end of a long day. If you want fresh bread in the morning, take a 5-minute stroll to 2 local bakers. Grill up fresh meat from the butcher on our grill. You can also take advantage of the massage room located inside the castle. Book your next getaway for just $109 per night.

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