Spanish Directional Prepositions

Beginner Spanish - Level A2


Prepositions are used in almost every sentence. They can be a great tool to link words with each other. For example by simply knowing how to use "to", "with", "from", "after" you can expand your conversation scope. These prepositions show direction or location.

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Spanish A2


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Directional Prepositions in Spanish

Directional prepositions indicate the location of what is being talked about. If you want to know where something is, or how to get somewhere, or even at what location something is happening, you will be using directional prepositions. In Spanish there are several of these:


Encima de              

On top off                              

Enfrente de              

In front of / opposite

Debajo de                

Underneath from                    


In between

Detrás de                  


Lejos de                    

Far from  

Delante de              

in front of / ahead of

Cerca de                    

Near to

Al lado de                

Next to                                  



A la izquierda  

To the left                            

A la derecha              

To the right


These are just a few of the prepositions used. The preposition “A” is use for directional instructions, as well as to indicate time:

The directional “A” or “Al” is translated as “to” not “at.” Voy a la cena. I am going to supper.

The directional “a” is used to indicate time, places, events.

a el cine -                              -   I am going to the movies

To a person:     Voy a ver a Ernesto.                   - I am going to see Ernesto

To an activity:   Voy a

To a place:       Voy a estudiar                             - I am going to study

To a time:         La película comienza a las ocho - The movie starts at eight.


Examples of uses of “Al”

Voy al teatro a ver una obra - I am going to the theater to see a play.

Gladys va al concierto para escuchar música. - Gladys goes to the concert to listen to     music.

To indicate when an event is going to happen, you use the directional “A” plus “ser.”

El desfile es a las 9 de la noche. The parade is at 9 pm.

Another preposition is “EN.” This is used to indicate where things or people are located. “EN” translates to “in,” “at,” “on.”

La ropa está en la mesa.   - The clothes are on the table

Mi bebida está en mi vaso - My drink is in my cup.

Notice how the same preposition “en” is used for both “in,” “on.”

Each sentence uses the verb “estar,” and there are other verbs which always need the preposition “A” to go with them.

Asistir a - Attend to               Jugar a   - Play ….

Invitar a   - Invite …                Llegar a - To arrive at

Ayudar a - Help …                 Hablar a - Speak to


All of these are directional prepositions and should not be confused with what we will call personal “a” which indicates something being done to someone else.

Voy a invitar a Diana a la fiesta.     I am going to invite Diana to the party.

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This song and dance is a fun way to learn your Spanish prepositions of location. We demonstrate the 8 most common used prepositions when asking for directions. Use these with the verb estar. "How you feel where you are, always use the verb estar."

Fill in the blank according to the appropriate directional preposition: a; al; en; a la izquierda; a la derecha; al lado de; cerca de; adentro.


  1. Juan está _______ la calle Los Molinos.


  1. María va a ir ______ el teatro _____ las ocho de la noche.


  1. Los papeles están ______ la mesa.


  1. Victor va ____ el cine ___ ver una película.


  1. La tienda de abarrotes está _________ el Banco.


  1. La playa queda __________ del cerro.


  1. Enrique va __ el Banco _____ recoger dinero.


  1. My soda está _____ mi vaso.


  1. Las personas entran _________ del cine.


  1.       María vive _________ la casa de Martha, en la Av. Benavides.

Answer Key- 1. en   2. al; a   3.en; a   5.cerca de   6.a la derecha 7.a; a; 8.en


  1. Adentro lado de



El Banco       - The Bank                                 El sofá           - The sofa (couch)

La tienda     - The store                                 Los colores   - The colors

El caballo     -   The horse                               El abuelo       - Grandfather

El carro       -   The car                                   Los papeles   - The papers

La calle       -   The street                               Los amigos   - The friends

La comida   -   The food                                 La canción     - The song

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