Spanish Weather Expressions and Seasons

Beginner Spanish - Level A1


Learn weather expressions and the seasons they are paired with. Both SER and ESTAR are very useful for talking about the weather and seasons in Spanish. The verb ESTAR will be used to say what the weather is like at a given moment, that is temporary weather conditions, for example: “El clima está caliente”. On the other hand, SER will be used in a more descriptive and general way.

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Spanish A1


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Spanish Weather Expressions and Seasons

You may need to check and understand the weather report in order to make plans for your day. Let’s check out a few weather expression in Spanish and get to know the names of the seasons!

Common phrases for each season:

La primavera – The Spring

Hace viento – It’s windy

Llueve/Está lloviendo – It’s raining

El verano – The Summer

Hace sol – It’s sunny

Hace calor – It’s hot

El otoño- The Fall

Está nublado – It’s cloudy

Hace fresco – It’s chilly

El invierno –The Winter

Hace frío – It’s cold

Está nevando – It’s snowing



Two of the most commonly used phrases are:

Hace buen tiempo = The weather is nice/good

Hace mal tiempo = The weather is bad

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Let’s practice!


Hace sol        Hace calor        Hace viento       Está nevando                    

     Llueve/Está lloviendo       Está nublado       Hace fresco      Hace frío 

Provide the phrase to describe the weather given the weather report for each day. You will only use each phrase once. Click READ MORE to see the answer key! 

  1. Today’s high will be 65 degrees.
  2. Today will be sunny skies with not a cloud in sight!
  3. Hang onto your hats today with wind gusts of 60mph!
  4. Grab your coats and mittens because today’s high will be 34 degrees!
  5. We won’t see the sun today but maybe it will come out tomorrow..!
  6. It’s a great day for the beach with highs of 96 today!
  7. It’s time to make a snowman with the 8 inches of snow we will get today!
  8. It’s a day for the movies with 100% chance of rain all day today! 

Answer key: 1. Hace fresco, 2. Hace sol, 3. Hace viento, 4. Hace frío, 5. Está nublado, 6. Hace calor, 7. Está nevando, 8. Llueve/está lloviendo

  1. How do you say “the day” in Spanish?
    1. El día
    2. La semana
    3. El año
    4. El mes
  2. What is the first day of the week?
    1. lunes
    2. miércoles
    3. mayo
    4. primavera
  3. What is the first season?
    1. La primavera
    2. enero
    3. El invierno
    4. El otoño
  4. What is the first day of the weekend?
    1. domingo
    2. martes
    3. sábado
    4. lunes
  5. How do you say “the year” in Spanish?
    1. El año
    2. El mes
    3. septiembre
    4. El fin de semana
  6. What day is in the middle of the week?
    1. miércoles
    2. jueves
    3. lunes
    4. domingo
  7. Which is the fourth month of the year?
    1. enero
    2. marzo
    3. febrero
    4. abril
  8. How do you say “today is Monday” in Spanish?
    1. Mañana es domingo.
    2. Mañana es martes.
    3. Hoy es lunes.
    4. Hoy es viernes.
  9. Which is the correct way to say “March 31, 2021”
    1. 31 de marzo, 2021
    2. Marzo de 31, 2021
    3. 2021 de marzo 31
    4. De 31 marzo, 2021
  10. Which is the correct way to say “Today is Tuesday, April 20.”
  1. Hoy es martes 20 de abril.
  2. Mañana es martes 20 de abril.
  3. Hoy es martes 20 de octubre.
  4. Mañana es martes 20 de enero.

1a, 2a, 3c, 4c, 5a, 6a, 7d, 8c, 9a, 10a

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