Interpreter Services

Make sure you communicate clearly and effectively.

Why CORE Languages?

Interpreter services are available to CORE Languages premier clients as an add-on to a corporate package. 

Interpreter Services
Qualified and professional on-site interpreters are essential in international business, where there is simply no room for misunderstandings. It is critical for companies to be prepared for opportunities to use interpreter services no matter how small the assignment or meeting. Interpreters serve in a wide variety of environments and situations, including during business meetings, teleconferences, and legal negotiations; in the early stages of relocation assignments; and at special events such as political or social gatherings where significant populations of foreign language speakers may be present.

Common Requests for Interpreter Services

  • Corporate meetings and functions
  • Project management: meetings and business trips
  • Consultations and management meetings
  • Trade show representation
  • Government and military relations
  • Legal court appearances and/or hearings
  • Teleconference and Skype calls
  • Personal needs: doctor appointments, hospital admittance, real estate meetings, etc.

Questions We Will Ask You

  1. When will you need an interpreter (ex. date, time of day)?
  2. What is the type of interpretation (ex. simultaneous or consecutive)?
  3. What language will be communicated (ex. Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese…)?
  4. What topics will be discussed (ex. worker’s comp, medical injury, business presentation)?
  5. Where will the interpretation take place (ex. address or location)?

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We understand you may be just looking and respect your privacy.  Our focus is to make sure you are informed while deciding which language services provider will offer services to your employees. Get our list of services in PDF form when you submit this form.

Have questions? Keep these questions in mind:

  • Would you like for your provider to come to your location?
  • What schedule would you like to set for training and can your provider accommodate?
  • What resources and systems does your provider have in place today?

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