French The Verb "to put"

Beginner French - Level A1


The French verb mettre is a common but irregular verb which needs to be studied carefully. It means ‘to put’ but can also be used for dropping someone off somewhere, laying the table, taking time to do something, laying a carpet.

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French A1


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French The Verb "to put"

Mettre, meaning “to put” is another common irregular verb in French. Below is the chart outlining the unique conjugations for this irregular verb along with some example sentences.

Subject Pronoun







I put

I am putting

Je mets ma bouteille sur la table.

I put my bottle on the table.



You put

You are putting

Tu mets les livres dans ton sac-à-dos.

You are putting the books in your backpack.



He/She/One puts

He/She/One is putting

Elle met de l’argent dans un portefeuille.

She puts some money in a wallet.



We put

We are putting

Nous mettons le couvert avant le dîner.

We set the table before dinner.



You put

You are putting

Vous mettez vos chaussures pour le match.

You put on your shoes for the game.



They put

They are putting

Dans les journaux, ils mettent des articles.

In the newspapers, they put some articles.


Notes :

  • In the negative form, ne and pas must sandwich the conjugated verb in the sentence.

            On ne met pas de manteau quand il fait très chaud.
            One doesn’t put on any jacket when it’s really hot.

  • Mettre is also used in a lot of different expressions. These expressions are usually idiomatic, which means that the whole meaning of the expression is different from what each word means individually and strung together. You will learn idiomatic expressions in a future module.
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Verb to put (mettre) in french with Pascal (basic verbs)

Directions: Conjugate mettre for the following sentences. Remember to first identify the subject pronoun to help choose which conjugation is correct.

  1. Je _______ la clé sous le paillasson (mat).
  2. _____-vous vos voitures dans le garage ?
  3. Nous ________ nos gants pour planter les arbres.
  4. Il faut ________ les vêtements dans la machine à laver. *
  5. Mon fils _________ la table avant le petit-déjeuner.

Answers and Translation:

  1. mets / I put the key under the mat.
  2. Mettez / Do you put your cars in the garage?
  3. mettons / We are putting on our gloves to plant the trees.
  4. mettre / It is necessary to put clothes in the washing machine. * (use the infinitive of the verb after the expression Il faut - Review Module 12)
  5. met / My son sets the table before breakfast.

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