Frequently Asked Questions

You have the drive to learn another language but have hesitations on how to start. Find answers to your top questions and reach out to us if you are still undecided. In addition to our online material, we will make recommendations on physical textbooks that you can use in your classes to help you reach your goals.


Learning with CORE Languages

What is The CORE Languages' Methodology?

In addition to teaching grammar and vocabulary, our teachers also focus on useful conversational topics that are applicable to students’ interests, careers and everyday lives. This allows learners of all levels to quickly apply what they learn inside the classroom to real-life scenarios. We make sure that every sentence, activity and topic builds towards fluency.

Will I cover all important language skills?

Yes. We have varying types of lessons that each focus on a different language competency: Speaking, Conversational Skills, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Writing. With these skills, you will be able to speak with confidence in any situation, understand native-speakers from across the globe and feel comfortable building simple to complex sentence structures.

Up to what level can I learn?

We currently offer English, German, French and Spanish and many more languages from A1 – C1. 

What learning materials will I get?

As a CORE Languages' student, you can access all online class materials for free and use them at any time. Online materials also include worksheets and quizzes to help you refresh and practice your new skills. All materials are uniquely created by CORE Languages experts to align with CEFR standards.  You may also choose to purchase physical materials to work on with your teacher. This will be purchased by you directly.  If you want to learn more about CEFR, view here.

Who are the teachers?

Learning a language takes more than just following a curriculum. That’s where our experienced native-speaking teachers come in. All of our teachers are certified, qualified and have a history of teaching excellence. Teaching is not their hobby, it’s their career.

How do you choose your teachers?

At CORE Languages, you have the opportunity to learn from the same teacher every time you take a class! Learning in different styles and different accents is what makes the CORE experience so unique and makes you ready for the real world. However, if you find a new teacher you like, you can book their classes any time as well.

What happens in a class?

You will set a specific schedule with your teacher based on your availability. Because our classes are private, each class is specifically designed around your needs, interests and goals. Grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking and listening will help you build the tools you need to speak the language outside of the digital classroom. Want to change themes and topics for your next class? Let your instructor know how best to prepare for you.

Online Class Experience

Will the teachers correct my mistakes?

Everyone makes mistakes, that’s how we learn. Our private classes are designed so that you can not only practice speaking and receive personalized feedback but learn from mistakes. Over time, your teacher will get to know you and the common mistakes you make and fine tune your future classes to address these issues. And if you want more personal feedback (e.g. to improve your personal cover letter or learn the most difficult grammar topics), you can always communicate with your teacher in between classes while you are actively enrolled in classes.

Is it suitable for my language level and learning goal?

CORE Languages offers learning packages that cater to all types of language learners, from beginner to advanced. Our learning content is structured according to CEFR, which stands for Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It is an internationally recognized framework that describes language ability from A1-C2 (A1 beginner and moving up to C2 fluent). Once you are a registered as a CORE Languages' student, you can define your current CEFR level by taking our free placement test before you begin learning.

Will I have enough time for learning?

Our private classes are available online 24/7 and are taught by teachers who are located across all time zones, so you can create a schedule that works for you. Take classes from anywhere, any time.

Why does CORE Languages match me with one specific teacher?

If you went to a traditional school in person, you would expect to meet with the same teacher from class to class. Why? Because in each class your teacher gets to know your strengths and weaknesses and can better plan for your future classes because of this. With each class, you can truly build on the last, instead of hitting a reset button each time.

Why should I learn with CORE Languages and not a traditional school?

The key difference between CORE Languages and an offline school is that CORE fits your busy schedule: you can take a class anytime and from anywhere. But otherwise, you can think of CORE as a traditional school that has moved online. All our teachers are native speakers, certified and utilize learning content designed by language experts.

Is CORE Languages a language learning app?

No, we are not a language learning app. We are a language school. And like any school, we offer live classes with certified, native speaker teachers. At Lingoda, we believe that nothing can replace live interaction and customized feedback from a real person.

What happens in a class?

You will set a specific schedule with your teacher based on your availability. Because our classes are private, each class is specifically designed around your needs, interests and goals. Grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking and listening will help you build the tools you need to speak the language outside of the digital classroom. Want to change themes and topics for your next class? Let your instructor know how best to prepare for you.

Technology Requirements

How does it really work?

Before each class, you will receive an e-mail with your CONNECT Video or CONNECT ClassRoom meeting link. Simply click this unique link before the start of class to join. Private classes are one student and one teacher. Group classes range from two to ten (maximum) participants. See, hear and follow your teacher on specific topics to help you improve during your hour-long online class. All class sessions are recorded for your benefit so that you can go back, and review topics covered any time.

What software & hardware do I need?

Preparing to learn with us is simple. Click the link for the day's class session and join on your device's default browser. That's it! No need to download additional software ever.

How do I start taking classes?

As soon as you register a new client account with CORE Languages, you will be able to book a class with your preferred teacher immediately. If you need assistance and would like a helping hand, your success managers will help you connect with the best teacher to help you meet your goals and availability. Get in touch!

Learning Process

How long will it take to improve my language capabilities?

It depends. As is the case when learning any new skill, your progress depends on your efforts. If you would like to learn quickly, then we suggest that you make language learning a consistent habit. Also focus and participate in class and complete homework assigned by your teacher at the end of each class for best results. It also depends on which CORE Languages plan you choose, as some of our plans are more intensive than others.

I used to learn with a private teacher. Will I really progress with a group if I switch?

Definitely! There are several benefits to learning in a group setting. Firstly, you can practice speaking with your teacher and other classmates. Secondly, you will not only learn from correcting your own mistakes, but from recognizing the mistakes of other students as well. But we offer private classes too, should you want some extra one-on-one time for practicing with a native-speaking teacher and receiving more personalized feedback.

Will I receive something to show my learning progress?

Yes! You receive a certificate for each CEFR level that you complete with CORE Languages. Our certificates are issued in accordance with CEFR and are accepted by many institutions worldwide. Through our collaboration with Cambridge Assessment English, we also offer our English learners the opportunity to complete the Linguaskill from Cambridge test. The test is administered online so you can take it anywhere, at any time. 


Our Plans

How can I be sure that CORE Languages classes fit my expectations?

Try it first! Select our Explore (single class) option from our shop and set up your account.  We highly recommend that you work with your success manager to make sure get paired to the best teacher for your needs. If you enjoy your experience, you can switch to one of our monthly packages of 4, 8, 12 or more classes.

What are your Monthly Packages?

We currently offer single classes to be purchased as needed and 3 options for packages.


  • Explore- Purchase a single class to focus on a single concept or try us out.
  • Improve- Purchase 4 classes per month. This is great for learners wishing to meet once a week on average with their teacher. Receive a 10% discount off of regularly priced classes.
  • Excel- Purchase 8 classes per month. This is great for learners wishing to meet twice a week on average with their teacher. Receive a 15% discount off of regularly priced classes.
  • Immerse- Purchase 12 or more classes per month. This is great for learners wishing to meet three or more times a week with their teacher. Receive a 20% discount off of regularly priced classes.

Get current pricing here

Are monthly packages subscriptions?

Our Improve, Excel and Immerse monthly packages are subscription services. Once you commit to this package type, you will be billed for 4 (Improve), 8(Excel), or 12(Immerse) classes.

To make it easy to remember, your monthly package will renew each month automatically on the 25th of the month. This "subscription" is renewed monthly and allows CORE Languages to offer discounted rates to help you with your learning journey. You are not locked in for a set period of time. 

What if I don’t like a teacher? Can I change teachers?

Of course! Once your find your favorite teacher, stick with them to receive even more customization in your classes tailored to you. But if you prefer, you can simply change teachers every class to receive variety in your learning and conversation skills (recommended for intermediate and advanced learners). Doing so exposes you to different accents and speaking styles so that you can understand any native speaker, from any region.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Have you reached your learning goals? That's great! Simply email your success manager or complete this form to stop your subscription from renewing.

Please note that you must complete your request 24 hours before your renewal date. Packages renew on the 25th of each month to keep it easy to remember. 

Please note that once you cancel a subscription, you will have 30 days to complete any remaining classes. If you need additional time, please let us know. We are happy to work with you.

How can I contact customer support?

When you create a client account on CORE CONNECT, you are automatically assigned a success manager. Reach out to your success manager with any questions or concerns.

Need to raise your issue to a higher level, don’t hesitate to contact customer support for any question or concern you have. You can contact the team here. 

Terms and Conditions and Refund Policy

Review our Terms and Conditions here anytime. 


Video Platforms

What video platform do you use in your classes?

CORE CONNECT is our platform where teachers and students come together to share language and culture. Classes are scheduled in advance and found on your account calendar/dashboard. You will meet your teacher on one of our two video platforms.

CONNECT Video- A simple user interface that includes recorded session capabilities.

CONNECT ClassRoom- A more robust platform with added whiteboard functionality.

I need CONNECT Video support

Clients and Students find support for CONNECT Video here


Teachers find support for CONNECT Video here

I need CONNECT ClassRoom support

Clients and Students find support for CONNECT ClassRoom here


Teachers find support for CONNECT ClassRoom here