You just completed the first step on your journey to learn a foreign language. The hardest step is always the first, so you should feel good that you are already on your way to building your language fluency! The next steps will help you get set up for success as you start learning your chosen language.

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Meet Stephen, your Success Manager

Let's get you started!  Your Success Manager is here to help you set up your account and complete the steps below. Use of the Success Manager services is completely free and is also completely optional. Select from the available days and times to receive a call to help you get set up for your languages or follow the steps below to get started on your own. If at any time you find yourself stuck in getting started, you can always contact your Success Manager to set up a time to talk and work through it together.
Just want to start on your own? No problem, keep reading. Reach out to Stephen any time

Start with a single class.

You've selected, to start with a single class. This option is wonderful to "try" our classes before committing to a more regular schedule. This is also a great option to focus on a difficult topic as needed. If you wish, you can change to a multi-class package with reduced rates any time. 

Want to get started on your own?

You are only a few steps away from starting your first class. But don't worry, we are here to help you get started. Your Success Manager has been assigned to you to make your start a successful one. You can also complete the following steps to get started with classes on your own.


Create Your CORE CONNECT Account

On the next page, you will have the option to create your personal Client Account on CORE CONNECT, our dedicated scheduling platform. Fill out the New Client Inquiry form and wait to receive our confirmation email. Once you set a password, you will be taken to the Client Dashboard of CORE CONNECT.

Complete your Profile

Once you view your CORE CONNECCT Client dashboard for the first time, click edit to add important details to your client account. This will help us tailor classes for you.

Add Students to your Client Account

From your Dashboard, you can add students to your account. These are friends or family members that you will be paying for through your account. If you are taking classes yourself, you will be listed in this section as well.

Add your Preferred Payment Method

We are busy adding your recent payment to your account. You will use these funds to pay for upcoming classes. Go ahead and add a debit or credit card of your choosing to your CORE CONNECT account so that when you run out of classes, you can continue at your current class rate. Want to change to a different package? No problem! Ask your success manager for assistance.

Connect with your Teacher
Now you can Book A CLASS directly from your CORE CONNECT dashboard. Look through our available teachers to find one that you feel would be the best fit. Check their schedule for availability and book a class. 
If you prefer, you can book a call with your success manager to discuss your goals, provide your availability and set expectations for your first classes. This is highly recommended for a successful launch and is completely free!

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