English Subordinating Conjunctions

    Beginner+ English - Level A2


    This module covers subordinating conjunctions, including after, although, because, before, if, and since. These occur at the beginning of subordinate or dependent clauses, and are used to combine independent and dependent clauses together.


    English-Subordinating Conjunctions

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    English A2

    Subordinating Conjunctions

    A conjunction that introduces an dependent clause (a clause that cannot stand alone), or links to another clause that provides additional information, is called a subordinate conjunction.
    Common subordinate conjunctions are: if, because, when, until, since, as, even,


    You should be able to attach all documents, once you log into your account. (“once” links the first clause to the second, dependent clause.)
    I will not be able to answer my phone, if you call me before noon. (“if” connects the first clause to the second, dependent clause.)
    She missed her doctors appointment, because she left the meeting late. (“because” connects the first clause to the second, dependent clause.)

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