English Passive Voice - Part 2

    Beginner+ English - Level A2


    This unit introduces more complex components of the passive voice.


    English-Passive Voice

    The Convention Center and Riverwalk at night in Tampa, Florida.

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    English A2

    Passive Voice

    Am/Is/Are being  (present continuous passive)

    We can also use the passive voice in combination with the present continuous passive.
    We typically use the present continuous passive to describe something that is being done at the moment. It’s formed by using “to be” twice.[Am/is/are]

    + being + past participle.

    I       am being          helped.


    • The people are being rained on.
    • Support groups are being used to help people.
    • She is being immunized today.
    • They are not being immunized.
    • His hearing is being checked regularly.
    • They are being given fluids at the moment.
    • The doctors are being supported by the nurses.

    Has/have been (present perfect passive) 

    The present perfect passive is used when something has been done by someone before sometime in the past. [Have/has]

    + been + past participle.

    I        have been               helped.


    • These people have been interested in medical attention for 2 hours.
    • I have been given a support group to talk to.
    • She has been spoken to by a therapist.
    • The therapist has been spoken to by all the patients.
    • Contact lenses have been sold here for 5 years.
    • Depression has been cited in many cases.
    • Hearing loss has been caused by loud music.

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