English Adverbs of Frequency

    Beginner English - Level A1


    In this unit, adverbs that refer to how often something happens are discussed, including always, usually, frequently, often, sometimes, occasionally, seldom, rarely, and never.



    Greenville, South Carolina at Falls Park in downtown at night.

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    English A1

    Adverbs of Frequency

    Adverbs of frequency describe how often or how little something happens.
    Common adverbs of frequency are: sometimes, often, always, never, all the time, frequently, regularly, and rarely.

    Adverbs of frequency can occur at the beginning, middle (between subject and verb), or end of a sentence. Adverbs that are longer phrases (e.g. "from time to time") can only be at the beginning or end of sentences. 

    We often go out on together. (I go out on many occasions/in many instances)
    She never calls me. (She calls at no point in time.)
    They always let me know. (They let me know every time, on every occasion.)
    He does this all time time. (He does this on a regular basis)

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