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Top 5 Books for Learning Spanish

Nowadays there is an app for everything, including language learning. But before apps came books. Language learners in times past poured over the physical pages of books to gain the knowledge that we now have stored on our computers or cellphones. Sometimes physical books can help solidify learning. Books also allow for more information to be shared with the reader, since apps are sometimes a bit limited in their scope. If you are ready to dive into a book for more in-depth language study, this article will cover our top 5 books for learning Spanish.

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Spanish for Dummies

Despite its title, you do not need to subscribe to the theory that you are not intelligent in order to profit from the knowledge of Spanish contained in this book and audio files. When it says “for Dummies” this series of books is referring to the fact that the book breaks down whatever topic it is covering to its most basic form and explanation. It is for this very reason that we highly recommend this book for beginners in the Spanish language. The book covers basic vocabulary about a variety of topics you are likely to encounter as a beginning Spanish speaker. It also covers grammatical structures that you will need to be able to use the vocabulary in context. Another excellent feature of Spanish for Dummies is the cultural tidbits that are included. Our favorite part of this book is the audio dialogues. They are dialogues that use vocabulary in a real-world context.

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Practice Makes Perfect Complete Spanish 

This book is truly comprehensive in its approach to practicing in context vocabulary and grammar practice. If you love drilling new skills, this book is for you. The All-in-One Practice Makes Perfect Complete Spanish book includes materials from 5 different books. This book covers all major grammatical concepts in the Novice-Intermediate Low levels of language fluency. The concepts are introduced in 26 different lessons and are reinforced in over 500 exercises throughout the book. Also included are conversation recordings with comprehension questions. You can check your progress with the progress tracker.

Practice Makes Perfect

Complete Spanish Step-by-Step

This book is produced by McGraw Hill, a company that has specialized in education for many years and has been publishing books since 1930. This edition of the book includes both beginning and advanced Spanish in 30 chapters. It includes over 300 exercises to practice your new skills. The book also includes flashcards to take with you for on-the-go practice. Audio recordings are included to help reinforce you communication skills. Complete Spanish Step-by-Step includes extensive vocabulary as well as all the major grammatical concepts of the Spanish language. Its lessons gradually increase in difficulty level to increase your level of fluency.

Complete Spanish

Barron’s E-Z Spanish

If you are looking to improve your Spanish quickly, this is the book for you. The book claims that you can improve your grade in Spanish class within 30 days of using this book. This is likely due to the easy and extensive nature of the book. Written by two Ph.Ds and an M.A., this book covers grammar and vocabulary in an in-depth fashion to improve your proficiency in Spanish. It has practice and exercises with an explanation of answers. Units are categorized by real world topics with vocabulary and grammar in context. It is set up similarly to a textbook. Barron’s E-Z Spanish also includes dialogues, a Spanish-English reference section, a verb reference chart, and an answer key for all exercises.

Barrons EZ Spanisy

Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish: A Creative and Proven Approach

Written by a renowned American language teacher, this book is set up in an easy-to-follow format. Although an older book, people have come back to this book time and time again as they seek to learn Spanish. The book seeks to avoid rote memorization and drills using a proven method to help learners gain the ability to read, write, and speak Spanish within weeks. Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish features illustrations by the artist Andy Warhol, setting it apart in yet another aspect from other Spanish learning books.

Madrigals Magic Key

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