Hello. My name is Paula. I have been teaching for over 25 years. I graduated with a degree in Social Studies. I have been teaching English to non-native speakers for 4 years. My students and their families rate me as a 5 star teacher! Teaching is a passion for me. I am rewarded by the success of my students. I enjoy teaching English as a second language because I want to empower my students to feel confident about their speaking abilities. This allows them to reach their goals socially and professionally. I would describe myself as a teacher who is diligent and encouraging. I am willing to be dramatic and humorous to help my students learn! I want my students to enjoy learning as much as I enjoy teaching. I know that every student learns differently. I teach each student according to how they learn best. When I am not teaching I am busy being a happy wife and mother. I live on a small farm with my family. I enjoy riding my bike and hiking. I also like to go camping. Colorful flowers and delicious food make me quite happy. I find it fun to learn about different cultures and try different types of food. I am known by my friends and family as being joyful and friendly. Bringing smiles to others is a hobby of mine! I would love to bring a smile to you if you become my student.