There are many times interpretation services are needed but not accessible. For most companies having a full-time interpreter on standby is not feasible.  The reality is – that there is no room for misunderstandings in business! It is very important for companies to be prepared for opportunities to use an interpreter no matter how small the assignment or meeting. The question the comes: when do you need an interpreter? The earlier a project’s start and end date is known – the better prepared an interpreter will be. Interpreters can serve in many environments and commonly work in hospitals on long and short-term assignments to communicate with patients where there are language barriers. They also serve during business meetings via teleconference and in person, during relocation assignments in the early stages prior to the assignee taking language classes, and even during certain special events such as political rallies or social events where larger populations of foreign language speakers are present. CORE Languages’ interpreters also work heavily with law firms throughout South Carolina and are highly engaged in the legal field working on court cases and depositions.

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The main reasons CORE interpreters are so highly sought after is because they have specialized in their field, and they are prepared to take on projects that require technical and industry specific knowledge. Our interpreters also cover a range of languages and dialects from Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Hmong to Vietnamese. Whether a consecutive or simultaneous interpreter is needed – we have the personnel to address your needs specifically. In order to provide the best service at the right time be prepared to answer the following questions: When do I need the interpreter to start, how many hours a day, and how long will I need them? Where will the interpreter be working, how much travel is necessary, and is there a chance that the interpreter will be cut loose early or accepting new assignments within the scope of a project? All of these questions will help us to be informed and provide you with the best service at the most competitive rates! Don’t let your message be misunderstood!