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One of the biggest challenges some of our clients face, especially our group course clients, is being able to attend class every time. Our students manage entire departments, have meetings, go on business trips, all on top juggling every day tasks. How can we make sure that students can still make progress in their language course, and how do we measure this progress? Previously there were two ways: attendance and checkpoint scores. To us, this was not enough. Attendance is important, yes, but we wanted to provide each student an opportunity to make progress in a way that doesn’t solely depend on it. This is what brought about the creation of the CORE SCORE.


The CORE SCORE is a unique metric that is calculated from the following four elements:

Cumulative Attendance  

Attendance is still a big part. Face-to-face time with a live instructor, whether online or in-person, is crucial to learning to speak and understand a language. Attendance makes up the C-SCORE.

Canva Design DAE9xVfOk94Opinion Sharing

Another important piece to ensuring the success of a course is staying on track! Many students have very specific language needs, but are hesitant to share direct and honest feedback, but this is exactly what we need in order to help keep courses on track. Throughout the course, students will be receiving very feedback surveys, asking them to provide constructive feedback about their experience in class. If everything is going well, great! But if it is not, we need to address this as soon as we can. Students are rewarded for giving their feedback, creating the O-SCORE

Canva Design DAE9xQn8HrAResults from Checkpoints

A quiz or exam is an important piece to assessing what students have retained during class. Throughout a standard 60-hour course, students have access to short, multiple choice quizzes. When students submit their answers, they immediately receive their score, as well as an explanation for each correct answer. Instructors have access to students checkpoint results immediately, and can see what topics students need more support in. All completed checkpoints are calculated into the R-SCORE.

Canva Design DAE9xakb0t8Engagement 

When students study and practice outside of class, their performance and checkpoint scores likely improve. The effort itself, however, is typically unrewarded. We believe that their engagement and their dedication deserves to be acknowledged and made visible, especially if their attendance is sporadic due to work commitments. This is why we have created level-specific grammar modules, which are online learning packages comprised of selected online materials, website links and audio/video exercises. Looking at and studying the material is rewarded, and allows our system to calculate the E-SCORE.

Canva Design DAE9xdK1K_IThe CORE SCORE, or the Cumulative Attendance – Opinion Sharing – Results – Engagement-Score, is calculated uniquely for each student, giving a more accurate, detailed and comprehensive assessment of the progress made during class.

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