Spanish The Verbs "pedir" and "preguntar"

Beginner Spanish - Level A2


This module shows the differences in two verbs about asking: pedir (to ask for) and preguntar (to ask).

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Spanish A2


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The Verbs "pedir" and "preguntar"

The verb in Spanish “Pedir” means “to ask for,” it is used when the person is asking for something, and it can be a favor, money, free time or another. The verb “Pedir,” always demands action, while the verb “Preguntar,” demands only information. “Pedir,” can also be used to ask for information during a normal conversation in a store or a restaurant.  

  • Quiero pedir una pizza y una soda. = I want to ask for pizza and a soda.
  • Le quiero pedir que me traiga un vaso de agua. = I want to ask you to bring me a glass of water.

 The Spanish verb “Preguntar” means “to ask,” as well, however it implies to ask for information, for example:

  • Pregunta cuando es la fiesta = Ask when is the party.
Pedir y Preguntar mean the same but are not interchangeable. Pedir is used in general to ask or solicit a service, and/or ask a favor and always expects a response with an action.


  • Pide más tiempo = Ask for more time
  • Pedimos dinero = We ask for more money.

In English we use “to ask,” and we use this word when we ask for information and also when we make a request. In Spanish we use the word Pedir when we make a request for something.



Yo pido una limonada en el restaurante = I ask for a lemonade at the restaurant.

Ella pide que la lleven al hospital = She asks to be taken to the hospital.

Ellos preguntan por la dirección de la casa. = They ask for the address to the house.

Preguntamos por la señora Beatriz. = We ask for Mrs. Beatriz.

Pide que te ayuden a llevar tus libros. = Ask for help to carry your books.

Nosotros pedimos que nos suban el sueldo. = We ask to be given a raise.

I want to ask you “how old are you?” = Quiero preguntarte "¿cuántos años tienes?"

Ask him: “Who is the owner of the business?” = Pregúntale quién es el dueño del negocio.

Conjugating Appropriately: Present tense verb “Pedir,”

Yo Pido       -           I ask       

Tu Pides     -           You ask

El/Ella pide -           He/She asks

Nosotros pedimos-   We ask

Vosotros pedís   -     You all ask

Ellos/Ellas piden - They ask


Conjugating the verb “Preguntar,” to ask, in present tense.


Yo pregunto -   I ask

Tú preguntas- You ask

El pregunta   -   He asks

Ellos/Ellas preguntan- They ask

Vosotros preguntáis- You all ask

Nosotros preguntamos- We ask

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 Using the right tense from the conjugation above, fill in the blanks with the appropriate word: Pedir o Preguntar.


  1. Yo ___________ un sándwich de jamón en el restaurante.

  2. Ellos _________ por la dirección para llegar a la casa de Juanita

  3. Elena quiere ir a la tienda a ___________ un reembolso.

  4. El señor Ricardo llega a la casa y _____________ por la Sra. Beatriz.

  5. Quiero _____________ ayuda para llevar mi equipaje.

  6. La maestra ____________ que los alumnos estudien.


Underline the word that best completes the sentences.

  1. Elena va al parque y (pregunta/pide) un helado - Helen goes to the park and asks for an ice-cream.

  2. Jose se ha tardado mucho (pregunta/pide) donde está. Joe has taken too long, ask where he is.

  3. Voy a salir a la calle y quiero (preguntar/pedirte) que me acompañes. I am going out, and want to ask you to come with me.

  4. (Pregunta-Pide) cómo llegar a la casa de Pedro. Ask how to get to Pedro’s house.
  5. La alumna (pregunta/pide) cómo encontrar información para hacer la tarea.



Answer Key- I 1-Pido 2. Preguntan 3. Pedir   4.Pregunta   5.Pedir 6.Pide

Answer Key- II a.Pide b. Pregunta c. Pedirte d.Pregunta e. Pregunta

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